[Freeswitch-dev] Why are Windows users so badly served - and what can I do to help?

Niels Thomsen niels.thomsen at fentechnology.co.uk
Wed Sep 26 15:17:31 MSD 2012

To me and my software engineering colleagues, one of the great things
about FS is that it is available on Windows.  But I often feel a bit
left out... J


For instance, the download site doesn't appear to have the stable builds
(e.g. 1.2.3) available for download pre-built.  Only the unstable head
of git built weekly.


Also, the pre-built installer doesn't allow me to select an install
directory, and is unaware of modern Windows install hierarchies.  This
means you either have to run as administrator or copy the installed
files out of there after install.  Eurgh.


I can build it myself of course, and have done so.  But the build has
literally hundreds of warnings, so can I trust it?  My day-time job is
as a software engineer in a 'no warnings' environment, where code cannot
be checked in if it generates warnings, so that's a bit of a culture
shock.  I haven't tried building the linux build to see if this is a
VS2010 issue.


But rather than moan about it, I'd like to help.  I'd like to sort out
the installer, for instance, so it is brought up to date and can install
on the latest OSs without kludges.  But I'd also like to see it being
used to generate stable Windows pre-builds at the end of it - which
would presumably be done by someone looking after the download site?  So
where do I start?  Who do I speak to?



- Niels

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