[Freeswitch-dev] leg_timeout not used if multi-contact phone on that leg.

Don Dawson don.dawson at voice-ring.com
Tue Sep 25 06:58:26 MSD 2012

We discovered that the leg_timeout will work fine as long as the SIP 
device has only one contact.
If it has multiple contacts then it is ignored. The bridge ends in 60 
seconds so
maybe is using originate_timeout which defaults to 60(we do not use it 
in the dialplan).
As a workaround for now, we may need to specify the originate_timeout to 
shorten the bridge timeout as 10 rings to hit voicemail is not desired.
This was discovered on a box that was built a while back. I tested on a 
recent version from git date of 09/06/12
and it has the same problem. I will get the very latest GIT version 
shortly to test with.

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