[Freeswitch-dev] Linux or Windows?

Anthony Minessale anthmct at yahoo.com
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Another consideration is that since our code is cross-platform, it has to
have an abstraction layer to normalize some bits of code to be platform agnostic.
One major issue with this is that oftentimes, when a function that is commonly used
in UNIX is missing in windows, a poor substitute is written to fill in the void.
This can lead to assumptions that it's robust when it isn't in the case of things
like precision timing (many gettimeofday emulator functions are completely inaccurate
and give the impression that the windows is not as good). We do our best to make 
sure we have it working on all platforms but to really succeed, we need the help of
many people who regularly use each platform to test and provide feedback about their
favorite platform.  For a high scale operation any variant of UNIX will be a better choice than windows from at least a cost standpoint since the version of windows that can take advantage of several CPUs is much more expensive than the regular version of windows and also if you plan to do any development, the free version of the compiler is not really so great so you will end up having to buy the MSVC 2008 as well.

The most common used platform during core development is currently rhel4 iirc which is more or less the same as centos4 the only reason for that choice is the particular dual-cpu box with onboard RAID I do my dev on only worked for RHEL due to silly binary drivers where something claims they support linux and only gives you a redhat rpm (but that's another rant).  Nonetheless, we move  around and test the code on all platforms we support, *but*, linux currently still receives the most total hours of dev time to date.  

We do have many Windows users, so maybe they could chime in about how the Win32 experience is going for them.

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Hi there,


I was wondering if anyone can offer any info with regards to
go linux or windows.


>From what i gather the freeswitch works on both ... so
obious linux is free (opensuse i was thinking of.. maybe something better?)


But what about hardware support, i presume windows would
have better hardware support?


Any info would be gratefully appreciated



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