[Freeswitch-users] When is an xfer not an xfer

Sean Devoy sdevoy at bizfocused.com
Wed Jul 27 23:17:51 MSD 2016

Hi All,

I am really just looking for ideas to help me solve a mystery with one of my FS users. I honestly think this is user error, but then I cannot explain what she may be doing that would produce this result.  My customer is the receptionist at a 7 extension office.  She answers 100's of calls and transfers them every day.  She has reported that recently "the phone stopped working."

(She is on a CISCO SPA504-G.  FS is stable build. OS is CENTOS 5.8)
She says occasionally when she attempts an attended xfer and she presses xfer, she gets "a loud noise, not the normal tone". I have been unable to extract a better description of the sound. She continues with the xfer, announces the caller and presses xfer again.  The recipient of xfer then gets music on hold. She says the original caller is on hold and she has to pick it up and do it again.

This system has been very stable and has no changes in many months. No other user at any site reports any similar issues.  I have tried to look through the log file, but there is so much there I get information overload as I do not know what to look for.

So, any suggestions for:

*         Determining what the "loud noise" is?

*         What she may be doing differently on these calls?

*         Software to analyze the FS log file to tell what happened or summarize the call flow?

*         Resources to help me understand the log file better?

I have a date/time that she reported the problem happening so the exact point in the FS log identifiable.  If someone wanted to help me identify the key lines in the log file that showed the call flow (and maybe user actions) I would gladly start a FS Log analyzer project.  But, I don't know enough to identify the key lines that indicate "significant events" in the call flow.

Anyone willing to review my log file message me offline and I will send a link. I don't think posting it to the world is helpful in general and just gives hackers that much more information for locating my server.

Thanks again for your time and any suggestions.
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