[Freeswitch-users] httapi - dial/bridge only working when it comes first

Don Hawkins hawkins at hawkinsegroup.com
Thu Jul 28 04:54:47 MSD 2016

I'm using httapi and everything is working well for the most part. The one
thing I noticed is that whenever I do anything before trying to "Dial" or
bridge a call to the gateway:

1. The first thing never happens, even though the console says it did.
2. The outbound call "Dial" won't work, it hangs for about 60 seconds and
then returns a NORMAL_TEMPORARY_FAILURE every time.

Things to note:

      - If I start with the dial request (B below) then it connects the
call fine, it just can't come after anything else.
      - If I never return a request to dial (pretend B below starts a
conference instead) then everything works fine, the TTS works before and
the conference works after.

Here is an example:

A. When FS makes it's first request to my URL I return this:

<document type="text/freeswitch-httapi">
    <speak action="
name="speak" loop="0" engine="flite" voice="slt" text="We will now begin to
dial a number. This is just a test." language="en">

B: When FS makes it's next request to my action URL (same URL with
different parameters) I return the dial command and attempt to connect to
the outbound gateway.

<document type="text/freeswitch-httapi">
<!-- Hold music URL -->
<execute application="set" data="ringback=http://blabla.com/beat.wav
<!-- Set the caller ID information -->
<execute application="set" data="effective_caller_id_name=My
<execute application="set"

<!-- The actual call or calls, entrie string separated by commas -->
<execute application="export" data="nolocal:codec_string=G711"></execute>
<execute action="
<execute application="answer"/>

What happens? It never speaks the text (although the console says it did)
and when dialing out I get "NORMAL_TEMPORARY_FAILURE" and the call never
connects. Keep in mind, if the second thing I return (B above) is NOT dial
then everything works fine, it will speak the text, play a file, start a
conference, or any other application.

This is the weirdest thing  to me and of course almost everything is
useless if you can't connect a call at some point, if anyone has any advice
I'd be highly appreciative.
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