[Freeswitch-users] Originate serial/parallel calls to endpoints with voicemail

Anonim Stefan fanx07 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 19:43:29 MSD 2016


Consider the originate serial calling scenario, done using the "|" sign, in
a ESL python script. Consider that when one of the serial endpoints pick
up,  I transfer to dialplan xml and bridge to a certain user. Now, consider
the called endpoints in the serial group have voicemail activated and when
they reject the invite, voice mail comes in and replies with _200 ok_ and
does its thing.

The way I tackle this right now is I use group_key to wait for some user
input. If no user dtmf input => voicemail.

The actual problem I am having is that if the first endpoint in the serial
group rejects the call, the second endpoint in the serial group is never
called because freeswitch saw that 200 ok and considers the user actually
answered even though it was the voice mail.

Is there a way to make originate command try the second endpoint in the
serial group, if the first one did not press dtmf group key in the right
amount of time ?

Any suggestions how to tackle this further?!

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