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Benjamin Cropley benjamin.cropley at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 17:21:04 MSD 2016

This might sound like a lazy answer, but will help in the long term..

I'd suggest learning about SIP as a protocol before you do anything else.

You'll find learning the protocol itself inherently dictates how to scales
across multiple servers. For example, in defining what the role of a
Registrar is, SIP explains that a single 'server/process' can handle that
job independently of any other SIP related activity. It likewise discusses
that what a SBC is, and thereby helps understand that you can seperate the
handling of SIP and RTP to a proxy and media server.

Once you understand SIP properly, it's easy to come in and say "Well I need
a registrar.. that's OpenSIPS or Kamailio.. Now I need a server to handle
Media.. well FreeSWITCH does that.. I need a server to handle presence..
well presence can utilise dialog info to produce this I might as well use
OpenSIPS or Kamailio".

If you do implement it using Kazoo, using a guide, or whatever, you'll find
yourself learning about SIP anyway. Why don't you just attack it head on,
and you'll understand it all a bit better?

The latest OpenSIPS book has a good chapter on SIP I think is worth the

I think this is why a lot of people are responding with 'it depends'. What
they really mean is, "SIP is a flexible protocol, and it's really your
choice in how you want to implement its various components".

On Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 2:04 PM, Sergey Safarov <s.safarov at gmail.com> wrote:

> Luis with all due respect to you and your work still...
> as i said it depends on how you use it. it doesn't make sense to call the
>> api to fetch a list of 200.000 devices or callflows. use v2 for paging
>> and/or use the search api.
> If you look at KAZOO-4326 <https://2600hz.atlassian.net/browse/KAZOO-4326> one
> more time, you can see that I stores one callflow via kazoo API. For
> database containing about 20 000 callflows 30 sec to save one callflow is
> much. Think saving 200 000 callflows via kazoo API took about 1-2 months.
>> also, the question was about same realm not same account. you can have a
>> common realm for many accounts.
> I has tried assign same realm to two accounds but get error.
> finally, as with any other software, kazoo does is not "completed" and
>> there are optimizations tat can be done.
> I completely agree with you. Moreover, I believe that what I have
> described would not require major change in the kazoo. And soon kazoo can
> be successfully used for the described case.
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