[Freeswitch-users] Scaling Freeswitch

Sergey Safarov s.safarov at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 17:04:24 MSD 2016

Luis with all due respect to you and your work still...

as i said it depends on how you use it. it doesn't make sense to call the
> api to fetch a list of 200.000 devices or callflows. use v2 for paging
> and/or use the search api.

If you look at KAZOO-4326 <https://2600hz.atlassian.net/browse/KAZOO-4326> one
more time, you can see that I stores one callflow via kazoo API. For
database containing about 20 000 callflows 30 sec to save one callflow is
much. Think saving 200 000 callflows via kazoo API took about 1-2 months.

> also, the question was about same realm not same account. you can have a
> common realm for many accounts.

I has tried assign same realm to two accounds but get error.

finally, as with any other software, kazoo does is not "completed" and
> there are optimizations tat can be done.

I completely agree with you. Moreover, I believe that what I have described
would not require major change in the kazoo. And soon kazoo can be
successfully used for the described case.
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