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Ken Rice krice at freeswitch.org
Thu Jan 29 17:35:08 MSK 2015

There in lies the problem with VoIP in Rural Areas... If they have a small
rural ILEC there good luck on porting them... What you¹ll end up having to
do is either get that LEC to deliver it as SIP or use a TDM -> SIP gateway
of some sort

On 1/29/15, 8:28 AM, "Blake Priddy" <bpriddy at bryantschools.org> wrote:

> Hi all! I was wondering what you have experienced with flowroute and their
> porting? I love their service but it seems when I try to port a number over to
> them from someone who wants to get away from their current provider. Flowroute
> doesn't service the area.. Is there a provider I can port a number to then
> have flowroute get the number from them? Like a proxy somewhat. I have schools
> that are wanting to switch to freeswitch and I always have to do remote call
> forwarding on their line. So they pay flowroute and still their current
> provider for the RCF feature. Just trying to get advice on what you all have
> had experiences with and gather any ideas if I can. 
> Thanks!

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