[Freeswitch-users] Porting

Kevin Wormington kworm at sofnet.com
Thu Jan 29 17:51:38 MSK 2015

The problem isn't in porting the actual number itself...it is the 
underlying carrier(s) of Flowroute (or any other provider) not having 
some type of trunking connecting to the rate center or tandem you are 
trying to port the number from along with an LRN for that rate center. 
Along with other issues like 911/E911 support, etc. especially if it's 

The costs to a carrier could be several hundred dollars per month to get 
into a rate center so it's difficult when it's just a few numbers.

On 01/29/2015 08:35 AM, Ken Rice wrote:
> There in lies the problem with VoIP in Rural Areas... If they have a
> small rural ILEC there good luck on porting them... What you’ll end up
> having to do is either get that LEC to deliver it as SIP or use a TDM ->
> SIP gateway of some sort
> On 1/29/15, 8:28 AM, "Blake Priddy" <bpriddy at bryantschools.org> wrote:
>     Hi all! I was wondering what you have experienced with flowroute and
>     their porting? I love their service but it seems when I try to port
>     a number over to them from someone who wants to get away from their
>     current provider. Flowroute doesn't service the area.. Is there a
>     provider I can port a number to then have flowroute get the number
>     from them? Like a proxy somewhat. I have schools that are wanting to
>     switch to freeswitch and I always have to do remote call forwarding
>     on their line. So they pay flowroute and still their current
>     provider for the RCF feature. Just trying to get advice on what you
>     all have had experiences with and gather any ideas if I can.
>     Thanks!
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