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Robert Oldham robert at oldhamtechnology.com
Fri Jan 2 10:02:46 MSK 2015

1. Tenant domain is a valid domain that resolves to an IP address. Using the domain, the Cisco spa 112 contacts the server with the registration request.
2. The tenant domain is 27 characters.
3. The Cisco spa 112 is using the domain name and not the IP address of the server.

I am only getting 401 answers, no 403s. This is what is confusing me: I am struggling to understand why the device will not send the authentication.

Thank you,

On January 1, 2015 8:50:30 PM MST, Luis Daniel Lucio Quiroz <luis.daniel.lucio at gmail.com> wrote:
>Check this in this order:
>1. tenant domain must resolve to a IP or you must use Proxy settings
>in your phone
>2. your tenant domain must not exceed 63 characteers (DNS restriction)
>3. registar setting on your phone must be using the tenant domain, not
>the IP
>if you only get 401 answers, that means you are not sending the
>if you get 403 answers, means you are sending wrong authentication
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>2015-01-01 19:48 GMT-05:00 Robert Oldham <robert at oldhamtechnology.com>:
>> I am a freeswitch noob, so please forgive me if my questions are not
>> coherent with proper concepts. I have made an earnest attempt to find
>> to my problem on the wiki and elsewhere, but suspect I am asking the
>> questions.
>> Problem:
>> I cannot get a Cisco spa 112 to register properly.
>> Context:
>> I am trying to put together a proof of concept multi-tenant
>> server. After reading the book FreeSWITCH 1.2 by Anthony Minessale, I
>> the FusionPBX install script to get freeswitch 1.4.14 built on a
>> Ubuntu 12.04 install. I configured a domain name to point to the new
>> On the server I added the domain in the directory and 3
>> along with several sip gateways. The gateways work. One of the
>> has a Grandstream GXP2160 registered successfully, another has a
>Zoiper soft
>> phone registered successfully.
>> Details:
>> I have tried to configure and get a Cisco SPA 112 to register on the
>> extension. However, it is failing to register. I have watched the sip
>> and packet capture. Both show the same thing: the Cisco SPA sends a
>> register request to which sofia responds with a 401 "unauthorized".
>> instead of sending a sip register with an authorization digest as the
>> phones do, the Cisco spa 112, sends another generic sip register
>> which elicits another 401 "unauthorized" from sofia. This repeats a
>> times, and then the spa 112 gives up, waits 40 seconds and then does
>it all
>> over again.
>> I have had this device registered with an asterisk server without
>trouble. I
>> have reset the device to factory defaults and updated the firmware,
>> without any change.
>> The domain name is fairly long. Don't know if that might be a factor.
>> Any clues where I might look next or tests I might try for more
>> Thank you,
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