[Freeswitch-users] is there a group_confirm_timeout setting?

Michael Collins msc at freeswitch.org
Wed Sep 24 20:13:26 MSD 2014

Hi Philip,

If I understand what you're trying to accomplish, namely giving the called
party X number of seconds to press 1 to confirm the call, otherwise move on
in the call processing, then I'm pretty sure that you don't want to set the
group_confirm_cancel_timeout to true. See explanation here:

I'd try leaving that as false and setting the leg timeout value to be
whatever time you need. Note: I'm pretty sure that the leg timeout includes
the amount of time the leg spends ringing the cell phone, so be sure to
factor in the possibility that the called party doesn't answer right away
but maybe it could take 10+ seconds before the person on the other end of
the cell phone even hears "press one to accept."


On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 3:36 PM, Phillip Jones <pjintheusa at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi there,
> I have question about group_confirm and I am hoping someone can help:
> I am bridging a call and prompting the called party to press 1 to answer.
> Works great:
> <action application="answer"/>
>          <action application="set"
> data="group_confirm_file=phrase:ppn_to_accept_call_from"/>
> <action application="set" data="group_confirm_key=1"/>
> <action application="bridge" data="{leg_timeout=10}user2/1001
> <action application="say" data="en number pronounced 54321"/>
> You will notice that leg_timeout is 10 (set low to test). So that gives
> the caller just a couple of seconds to answer. So I add:
> * <action application="set" data="group_confirm_cancel_timeout=true"/>*
> This cancels that leg_timeout - the call now will stay up until the called
> party presses 1 or either party hangs up.
> If a call goes to a cell phone voicemail - this can result in a long
> message of repeated "press 1 to accept call". And I cannot move the calling
> party on to the next dialplan action.
> I tried originate_timeout and call_timeout and all seemed to be cancelled
> by group_confirm_cancel_timeout, as you might expect.
> Is there a way to set a timeout in that group_confirm stage? For example a *group_confirm_timeout
> *setting. That would set the seconds the called party has to confirm?
> Thanks in anticipation.
> Phil
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