[Freeswitch-users] LDAP

Eugene Prokopiev enp at itx.ru
Wed Oct 8 08:19:17 MSD 2014

> FS may be able to talk directly to LDAP for what you want to do.
> There is a “mod_xml_ldap” although I have not been able to find much
> documentation for it.

You can find configuration example in bug comments -
https://jira.freeswitch.org/browse/FS-4870 - but it is closed for now,
so this implementation must works out of box. I use this patch from
early versions and all works fine :)

> I see in “src/mod/xml_int/mod_xml_ldap” there is an example LDAP schema
> "fsv2.schema” and the aptly named “reallyconfusingslapcat”.
> From these examples, it looks like the approach was to mirror the XML
> structure you need to return in the LDAP directory.

This implementation was the reason to rewrite LDAP support in patch
above to support entries with objectClass=person and
telephoneNumber/userPassword attributes.

Eugene Prokopiev

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