[Freeswitch-users] Audio issues

Andrew aademattia at comcast.net
Wed Oct 8 04:04:48 MSD 2014


I have a very odd issues and looking for some help.  I am using Master FS and had this issue before.

I am making an outbound call from my program to my cell and playing an audio file.  I am talking back in my phone to the audio file and found that

The more I talked the more the audio breaks up.  I stop talking and then the audio stops playing.


I start talking and the audio starts playing where it left off.  I am sure its not a packet loss as the audio file continues where it stop playing.


I also have FS client open and do not see any errors.  I can 100% reproduce this issue.

I did try 3 ways to play the audio and different audio files.





I tried a direct connect to me to a cisco switch and other voip routes.

Anyone know if this is a bug maybe locking thread or a setting?





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