[Freeswitch-users] [Solved] Callgroup keeps ringing after answer - changed from shared extensions

Mario G mario_fs at mgtech.com
Mon Feb 4 23:41:28 MSK 2013

I am sharing this "hair puller" problem in case someone else runs into it. It took 9 months to resolve. I tried to find something different in traces for good/bad calls  but nothing. Updated FreeSwitch stable and head many times, no luck. I posted here in April but no responses and found only 1 similar issues searching the web.

Intermittent Problems: Started when all SPA962s changed from shared IDs to unique IDs. 1 - A call is answered and heard  but other extensions keep ringing. 2 - A call is answered but there is silence and other extensions keep ringing, pick up one by one, each silence.

Solution: Replaced Cisco/Linksys SPA962s with Yealink T32s (UDP) and iPads (TCP) and have not seen this problem for a 2 months so we're pretty sure it's gone. BTW we really like the T32s (bought based on comments here). Yes I checked and tried many different SPA962 settings, good riddance.
Mario G

On Apr 16, 2012, at 2:30 PM, Mario G wrote:

> Been at this for 3 weeks now, hope someone can help.... This started after replacing shared extensions with unique users and updating from an early 2011 git. 
> Ring group via "pointer" works fine as it always has. However, answer via callgroup variable intermittently (30-40%) leaves one or mores phone ringing even though the the call was answered at another extension. The darn thing is that I can't reproduce it myself to get a trace. Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated. Phones are SPA962 (UDP) and Bria on iPad (TCP, same problems) and they all stopped ringing when they shared IDs.
> Mario G
> default.xml ring-group has (abbreviated to save space)------------------:
> <group name="main">
> 	<users>
> 	  <user id="100" type="pointer"/>
> 	  <user id="101" type="pointer"/>
> 	..... more users
> 	</users>
>       </group>
>         <group name="work">
> 	<users>
> 	  <user id="200" type="pointer"/>
> 	  <user id="201" type="pointer"/>
> 	</users>
>       </group>
>     </groups>
> Extension----------------------:
>   <user id="101">
> User:
>     <params>
>       <param name="password" value="$${default_password}"/>
>     </params>
>     <variables>
>       <variable name="voicemail_domain" value="xxxxxx.com"/>
>       <variable name="toll_allow" value="domestic,domestic10,international,local"/>
>       <variable name="user_context" value="default"/>
>       <variable name="effective_caller_id_name" value="Front Desk"/>
>       <variable name="effective_caller_id_number" value="101"/>
>       <variable name="outbound_caller_id_name" value="$${outbound_caller_name}"/>
>       <variable name="outbound_caller_id_number" value="$${outbound_caller_id}"/>
>       <!-- callgroup needed to stop ringing on call pickup  -->
>       <variable name="callgroup" value="main"/>
>     </variables>
>   </user>
> Bridge command-----------------:
>     <extension name="xxphone">
>       <condition field="destination_number" expression="^2920$">
>         <action application="bind_meta_app" data="1 b s execute_extension::dx XML features"/>
>         <action application="bind_meta_app" data="2 b s record_session::$${base_dir}/recordings/${caller_id_number}.${strftime(%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S)}.wav"/>
>         <action application="bind_meta_app" data="3 b s execute_extension::cf XML features"/>
>         <!--  Set the sayname variable with the callers name -->  
>         <action application="execute_extension" data="2925 XML default"/>
>         <!-- Next lines allow control after bridge timeout and hangup after bridge -->
>         <action application="set" data="hangup_after_bridge=true"/>
>         <action application="set" data="continue_on_fail=true"/>
> 	<action application="set" data="ringback=file_string://${xxsounds}hi-long.wav!${sayname}!tone_stream://${us-ring};loops=-1"/>
>         <!-- ring extensions only for ## seconds -->
>         <action application="bridge" data="{originate_timeout=17}${group_call(main@${domain_name}+A)}"/>
> _________________________________________________________________________

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