[Freeswitch-users] Successful faxing with spandsp / T38 and stats

Sean Devoy sdevoy at bizfocused.com
Wed Jun 27 19:23:25 MSD 2012

I seem to be the only one not following this, so forgive me if this is a
stupid question.

Is the schema here that you "send a fax" from a fax machine on an ATA but
have Freeswitch intercept it with RXFAX and then try to send  it with TXFAX
using successively different setups until it goes through?


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Sorry Steve for the confusion so:
75% T38,ECM success rate: 82%

does mean that 75% of the tries used the T38,ECM flags  and 82%
succeed.    Whats important to note is that while I turn ECM on
frequently it gets disabled as the remote faxing does not support it or the
operator suppresses it.  I actually had a hard time getting ECM to be
enabled to most places.  What I show in the flags are the options I pass to
FS not necessarily how the fax ends up going.  So a T38,ECM flag means I
tell FS to use ECM and to invite with T38 but obviously they could turn
around and negotiate no T38 and no ECM.
Also remember that T38/ECM is the first method tried and with most faxes
only taking 1.3 tries there is a good chance the first method
would always have a high percent.    For the stats to be super useful
it would be better if I chose the method at random unfortunately I care more
about getting the faxes through faster than providing the perfect FS faxing

It is sad that VOIP faxing has such a lower first try success rate, maybe
with some tweaks it could get above where I have it now for the first try,
but (atleast for my situation) getting to the 99%+ success rate overall for
outbound faxing was something I did not initially get the impression was
highly likely to achieve.  (And sorry these are all Outbound faxing stats I
did not include any inbound as those are less
interesting) .

Finally yes the Failure reasons stats I assume are not super useful
but as I had them I figured I would throw them up.   Keep in mind the
% for each failure reason is not how often is occurs just how often it
is the reason a fax fails.   The idea being if you are trying to do
faxing and seeing percentages hugely different than that you may be
doing something else wrong.      There certainly could be a better
provider for T38 faxing than flowroute, but I was already using them and as
they were quite successful in delivering faxes for me I did not do a huge
search for other providers.  If however anyone does have other
recommendations I do want to replace T38faxing as my backup provider.


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