[Freeswitch-users] My First FreeSwitch OR Is this easy to do?

Michael Collins msc at freeswitch.org
Wed Jun 20 20:22:52 MSD 2012

Hi Matt,

Welcome to the wacky world of VoIP! It's a wild ride, so hang on tight.

If you're technically inclined but just new to the VoIP scene then your
learning curve won't be so bad. I personally like the idea of a newbie
downloading something like blue.box or FusionPBX in order to get started.
Of the two, blue.box does more abstracting away of the underlying
FreeSWITCH configs. It's really just a personal choice which way to go.
However, if you're looking for a professionally designed system and don't
mind spending a few bucks then you might want to check out
www.cudatel.com- it's also powered by FreeSWITCH.

Happy VoIPing!


On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 7:30 PM, Matt Neimeyer <matt at neimeyer.org> wrote:

> I apologize for the length I'm not sure yet what is "relevant"
> My partner and I run a small business out of our home and we're
> getting big enough that I want to take advantage of some "modern phone
> technology" primarily we're interesting in an auto-attendant at this
> point but more will come later I'm sure.
> We have two analog lines coming into the house (provided via Verizon
> FiOS) and then in every room we have two line capable analog phones.
> In our FiOS settings I have both lines ring both lines simultaneously
> (to emulate a hunt group) so if someone is on line 1 the incoming call
> still rings audibly on line 2 instead of just buzzing call waiting.
> I will be getting a (hand me down) TDM1600P V2 card which, in its
> current configuration, has four FXO and four FXS ports. So my plan was
> to install FreeSwitch and "splice in-line" where the phone lines come
> out of the FiOS box. So two lines would go into the FreeSwitch Box and
> two "extensions" would come out the other side. Whenever I rewire the
> house I'll decide then whether to run a data connection to each
> "endpoint" and get SIP phones, add more FXS modules to the TDM1600P,
> some mix, or whatever but I'm starting small (I think).
> As far the auto-attendant goes 95% of what I need now is to filter
> "non-humans". So I would set up a simple menu "Press 1 for Tech
> Support, Press 2 for Billing, Etc)". This should filter autodialers
> that want us to update our Google listing and so on... but I assume we
> can still have all of the options (until we hire on more staff) ring
> both extensions. Assuming this lets unanswered calls go to voice
> mail... On our analog phones though I'd really love to modify the
> Caller ID to show which option they selected. So instead of "Bob
> Customer / 234-567-8901" it might show "TS - Bob Customer /
> 234-567-8901" if they selected Tech Support. If possible I'd also like
> to "fill gaps" in Caller ID from a database because a few of our
> customers only show the number and not a name.
> Short term, I'm currently planning on downloading the Blue.box ISO and
> using that as my start point. Medium term I'd like to set up email
> notification of voice mails. Long term I'd love to integrate Google
> Voice and/or Skype. Really long term I might need to "convert" to a
> multi-tenant setup for Personal, Company (now with Employees) and Side
> Project Company.
> I think that's it... Any advice? Comments?
> Matt
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