[Freeswitch-users] mod_callcenter missing the variable cc_queue_terminated_epoch in xml-cdr

Jayesh Nambiar jayesh.voip at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 20:44:10 MSD 2012

I am trying to generate call-center reports using the variables generated
on channels by mod_callcenter. I am using xml-cdr for the same. I can see
in the xml-cdr all the variables documented in the mod_callcenter wiki page
except "cc_queue_terminated_epoch". When I checked the code it seemed that
if cc_queue_answer_epoch is set, cc_queue_terminated has to be set and
should be visible in the xml-cdr but it doesn't.
Now to troubleshoot further, I entered the fs_cli and executed /events
plain all to check the variables generated in the events. To my surprize I
could see the variable "cc_queue_terminated_epoch"  in the
"CHANNEL_DESTROY" event but it still does not show in the xml-cdr. I was
talking to Sevet on IRC who recommended to pastebin the event output and
the xml-cdr output for the same call.
I have copied it in the Pastebin here:

Any ideas on why this variable would not be visible in the xml-cdr !! I was
expecting to get the exact call duration between the member and the agent
with this variable.

Thanks in advance.

--- Jayesh
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