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Ian Bonham ian.bonham at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 12:44:44 MSD 2012

Hi Everyone,

New member, so nice to 'meet' you all!

I'm experimenting with FreeSwitch to see how it could replace Asterisk in a
mass dialler system that I run in Europe, and I have been playing with the
AVMD module. It seems to work perfectly, and does detect voicemail very
well. What I am trying to do through is have the dialler generate calls and
run as much as possible through FreeSwitch's core, rather than external
scripts (I'm using PHP for most of my external functionality as thats what
I use to write the agent interfaces too). So I generate individual calls
and launch them in FreeSwitch, and it then does most of the call logic from
XML dialplan commands, jumping to PHP shell scripts for quick MySQL

I'd like very much to be able to run AVMD from the second the call is
answered, which is simple enough, but at the same time have my outgoing
message playing. So we are assuming the call is a human, but if during the
OGM playout AVMD hears a beep, it just terminates the call. Can anyone tell
me if this is possible please, either using XML dialplan (I'm guessing not
as the XML is sequential), or using a programming script like LUA.

Many thanks for any advise anyone can offer,

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