[Freeswitch-users] ipv6 - any fans?

Jason White jason at jasonjgw.net
Fri Aug 24 04:34:37 MSD 2012

Andrew Cassidy  <freeswitch-users at lists.freeswitch.org> wrote:
>I'm all for IPv6, just get your firewalling right, depending on your OS it
>doesn't always share rules automatically. Don't forget your machine will
>usually have at least 3 addresses too, which can of course be bound and
>firewalled individually.

If you need a firewall, then you do indeed have to make sure that it's
configured appropriately for both IPv4 and IPv6. There are lazy/uninformed
administrators who think they can rely on NAT as a substitute for a firewall.

I have native IPv6 access via my ISP and FreeSWITCH works well with it. I have
also used FreeSWITCH over IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnels with surprisingly good
reliability, but in recent years with the native IPv6 this hasn't been
necessary except occasionally with a laptop on an IPv4-only network.

Deployment in a home office environment was easy enough, except initially for
the DHCPv6 prefix delegation and routing over the ppp connection to the ISP.

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