[Freeswitch-users] Bridged call not ending/terminating

ocset ocset at the800group.com
Fri Apr 13 11:09:04 MSD 2012


I have successfully managed to get FreeSwitch to bridge an incoming call 
on a PSTN line to an external mobile phone using a second PSTN line with 
the help of a GXW4104 FSO gateway.

I am now having a serious issue where the call never gets terminated 
when the parties hang up. The only way to end the call is to either 
shut-down FreeSwitch or turn off the GXW4104. If I bridge the call to a 
SIP gateway (PennyTel) instead of the second PSTN line, then it works as 
expected when both parties hang up.

Here is what I have tested

1. Call -> PSTN line1 (GXW4140) -> PennyTel SIP gateway -> external 
mobile phone -- call end when both parties hang up.
2. Call -> PSTN line1 (GXW4104) ->  PSTN line2 (GXW4104) -> external 
mobile phone -- call never end, even when both parties hang up.

Is there a parameter I should be setting to help solve this issue or 
some code that I should implement to test for this situation?

I have also noticed that with test scenario 1 (PSTN line + SIP Gateway), 
if the person being called does not end the call on their side, then 
that leg of the bridge remains active.

ps. The second PSTN line is not a real copper line. It is a PennyTel  
VOIP line that is managed by the modem and connected to the GXW4104 via 
phone cable. So, as far as the GXW4104 is concerned, it is just another 
POTS line. I don't have a second PSTN phone line so can't test any other 

Thanks in advance

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