[Freeswitch-users] Bridged call not ending/terminating

Nandy Dagondon gcd at i.ph
Fri Apr 13 11:40:25 MSD 2012

check the line supervision signalling of your GSM and the GXW4104. there
are several disconnect signalling used: current disconnect, polarity
reversal or busy tones. your FXO port must be set accordingly.

On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 3:09 PM, ocset <ocset at the800group.com> wrote:

> Hi
> I have successfully managed to get FreeSwitch to bridge an incoming call
> on a PSTN line to an external mobile phone using a second PSTN line with
> the help of a GXW4104 FSO gateway.
> I am now having a serious issue where the call never gets terminated
> when the parties hang up. The only way to end the call is to either
> shut-down FreeSwitch or turn off the GXW4104. If I bridge the call to a
> SIP gateway (PennyTel) instead of the second PSTN line, then it works as
> expected when both parties hang up.
> Here is what I have tested
> 1. Call -> PSTN line1 (GXW4140) -> PennyTel SIP gateway -> external
> mobile phone -- call end when both parties hang up.
> 2. Call -> PSTN line1 (GXW4104) ->  PSTN line2 (GXW4104) -> external
> mobile phone -- call never end, even when both parties hang up.
> Is there a parameter I should be setting to help solve this issue or
> some code that I should implement to test for this situation?
> I have also noticed that with test scenario 1 (PSTN line + SIP Gateway),
> if the person being called does not end the call on their side, then
> that leg of the bridge remains active.
> ps. The second PSTN line is not a real copper line. It is a PennyTel
> VOIP line that is managed by the modem and connected to the GXW4104 via
> phone cable. So, as far as the GXW4104 is concerned, it is just another
> POTS line. I don't have a second PSTN phone line so can't test any other
> way.
> Thanks in advance
> O.
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