[Freeswitch-users] OS X 10.6 - CORE_SOFTTIMER_MODULE.so & CORE_PCM_MODULE.so missing

Mark Duling mark.duling at biola.edu
Sun Oct 24 20:46:02 PDT 2010

The problem turned out to be a path issue.  I used configure switches to set
the paths and freeswitch didn't like that.  I'm still not sure why, but I
went with only specifying PREFIX for now and everything works fine.

On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 1:23 AM, Mark Duling <mark.duling at biola.edu> wrote:

> I am a total freeswitch nubie.  I use macports for everything I downloaded
> a snapshot tarball as as of yesterday and whipped up a freeswitch port to
> get it installed (using gmake etc), and it installed fine even with jingle
> support enabled and started up.  But I get this message when starting -
> 2010-10-23 23:33:54.168320 [CRIT] switch_loadable_module.c:926 Error
> Loading module /CORE_SOFTTIMER_MODULE.so
> **dlopen(/CORE_SOFTTIMER_MODULE.so, 6): image not found**
> 2010-10-23 23:33:54.168397 [CRIT] switch_loadable_module.c:926 Error
> Loading module /CORE_PCM_MODULE.so
> **dlopen(/CORE_PCM_MODULE.so, 6): image not found**
> After looking through the archives just now I saw that the developers of
> freeswitch only recommend Apple's development tools.  But I don't get any
> compile errors, yet those modules aren't built or installed, nor I can find
> any reference to them in the build output at all.  Could anyone point me to
> what might be going on?  I assume I need these modules -I could not make a
> test call with x-lite.
> Mark
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