[Freeswitch-users] Question about mod_nibblebill.

Daniel Neubert daniel.neubert at solomo.de
Sun Oct 10 11:53:20 PDT 2010

 Unfortunately I think that this is a scenario that is not covered by
mod_nibblebill. The module is not capable of charging customers this way.

We've solved this by using the nibble_rate as you do to realize a
prepaid billing setup. After the final xml CDR is posted to our billing
system via curl, we calculate the final price that will be billed to the
customer and refund the amount that has been charged by mod_nibblebill.
This works pretty good - but there is a catch: Customers can
theoretically run below an amount of 0,00 - so we had to configure a
nobal_amt to prevent this.

Viele Grü?e / Regards
Daniel Neubert

Am 09.10.2010 03:12, schrieb 占平陈:
> Hello, I have a question about the mod_nibblebill module of freeswitch.
> I can use mod_nibblebill to billing. But I found that his billing was
> not what I want.
> I want to achieve in this way: every 60 seconds for an interval of
> less than 60 seconds, 60 seconds to install basis, charging $ 0.1 for
> each billing interval. For example: the user dials 45 seconds,
> charging $ 0.1. If user dials 72 seconds, charging $ 0.2.
> My current configuration in dialplain\default.xml is as follows:
> <action application="bridge"
> data="{enable_heartbeat_events=60,nibble_rate=0.1,nibble_account=1000}user/${dialed_extension}@${domain_name}"/>
> May I ask, mod_nibblebill module can not achieve my desired function,
> if realized, how can I configure?
> Thank you.
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