[Freeswitch-users] Originating to local extensions and mod_loopback

Martin martin.cole at iscanetworks.com
Sun Nov 23 11:22:43 PST 2008

Hi all,

I've been looking for a way to originate a call out to a local extension
without specifying the domain. The originate is performed by a separate
program via event socket and hence has no access to the ${domain} variable.

In previous releases I'm sure you were able to simply do: originate
sofia/internal/1000. In more up-to-date releases, only originate
user/1000 at domain seems to do the trick.

I thought I'd found the answer in mod_loopback, originating to loopback/1000
works but this causes more problems than it solves in that the jitter in the
audio of the resultant call is unacceptable on most of the machines I've
tested on. - Centos 5.2 on at least a P4 with > 1 gig of RAM. I'm testing
primarily on svn trunk 10248 - I've tried building newer versions with no

If there's no reliable way of doing this, I'll find a way to synchronise the
domain variable with my program via external means, thought I'd ask first in
case I'm missing something simple.



Martin Cole
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