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Sunil Singh sunil.d.admin at gmail.com
Sun Aug 31 23:31:24 PDT 2008


I appologize if I hurt the feeling of anybody knowingly or unknowingly. I
have no intention of hurting anybody. My full respect and appreciation to
all who took the step and also to all who joined hands to walk together and
make a dream come true. I do know making such a thing require great guts and
great sacrifices, its not a child play you make a line and it becomes a
great software.

I simply wrote my observations based on the reading on internet and in
reference documents. I never thought that I will end up hurting somebody, I
simply thought that I will get a mail dude you come out with the points
which you are finding it difficult and we will incorporate it or we will
re-review it if you are finding it difficult or you take the responsibility
of cleaning up the things and keep posting your doubts.

My answers to few questions raised regarding the understanding:-

Yes I still say I do find it difficult to understand the freeswitch from a
starter perspective.

My choosing freeswitch is based on only one fact, that its more user
friendly, people are open to answer. That's why I raised the question
because all open sources are honest, people keep on raising questions and
they keep on working on them to make it better.

It's a question that should be taken positiviely, my purpose is only from an
improvement perspective and the problems that I am facing today will be
faced by others also tommorrow.

We should take it positively. My sincere applogies again.

Thanks to all those who replied.

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