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I think mostly everything you are saying is completely wrong.

The majority of documents we have that mention asterisk strive to make sure
it's well understood that FreeSWITCH has an entire different paradigm.  If
you read your own statements you will see you are not qualified to comment
from the perspective of someone who has never used either software because
you said yourself that you tried asterisk and found it easy to understand
where following FreeSWITCH was much more difficult.  That means you already
fell into the asterisk paradigm and now are struggling to shift to how
FreeSWITCH is designed.  The volunteers who work on the documentation made a
single section in the wiki for people who are used to asterisk.  They can
document whatever they want, they are volunteers.

You make two insulting comments about how I do not listen to the users.
Please have a chat with the hundreds of users who have influenced the design
of FreeSWITCH and learn for yourself that this is not true and in fact makes
me incredibly angry that you would have the nerve to even suggest it.

You may also need a history lesson.  I myself did a great deal of work on
asterisk for several years.  It's part of my life and if I want to talk
about that experience or host my asterisk code on my website then I will.
Of course you will not find anything about FreeSWITCH on the asterisk
website.  They are annoyed that we exist.  You don't want there to be
competition in open source then go talk to them.  They are the only software
to even use the word compete that I have met so far.  We have ClueCon every
year where we work together with every open source project you can think
of.  So you may want to go do your homework more............

You have insulted me and all of the volunteers who have spend hundreds on
the documentation by taking a quick scan of our site and jumping to
conclusions.  The time it took you to write this email annoying me, you
could have helped document something instead.  Now I hope you do the right
thing and apologize to them.  Don't bother with me, it's them you owe the
apology cos they are doing it all just because they want to and for no other

I am sorry it takes you so long to understand FreeSWITCH but that is not my
problem.  This is my software for me to do whatever I want with and you are
someone who is choosing to use it so it's your dilemma to learn how to work
it or to decide if you prefer another alternative but when you do so.  Do it
with more respect and try to imagine how much work it takes to provide you
with something that just works when you type "make"

On Sat, Aug 30, 2008 at 5:38 AM, Sunil Singh <sunil.d.admin at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> After going through the documents, I feel that the documents assume that
> the guy who is going to use freeswitch is well versed with asterisk or is an
> asterisk user who is going to switch to freeswitch from asterisk. Its not
> from the point that somebody from scratch can appreciate it for its design
> or any other thing.
> I appreciate the point of consideration for a large community, but for
> freeswitch to be the best it has to wipe out that they know asterisk. They
> should believe more on its users rather than what asterisk is doing. Once a
> basic level is reached than it should be user driven rather than asterisk
> driven. If we compete with them in mind than eventually we will mess up.
> To be honest the beauty of asterisk lies in its simplicity. I was reading
> freeswitch for hours and still struggling. Whereas in asterisk I started and
> within hours I am up and running.
> I also realised that in asterisk I didn't find a document talking about
> freeswitch but in freeswitch its only about, with asterisk in mind. Whether
> they are documents or working.
> Comparisions will not allow to grow beyond a limit, we will always be
> living in a psycho complex, leaving us with pain, agaony and anger.
> We should love what we are doing, and we want to make a universal platform
> thats it. No point in comparision and running for a race. Most of the open
> source are started by technology lovers that's it. They don't create a
> technology to compete, they want to create a new technology and that's why I
> started using freeswitch that its going to create a new revolution which
> asterisk has lost because of monetary considerations.
> So I request to please love what we are doing and when ever we are making a
> document think that its for a novice.
> I request those who are driving it, please listen to your users more. If
> you have started from scratch than let's some beauty come out of it, a
> disruptive way of working. Like Apache, mysql ......  Ease of use is the
> main thing for a starter or anybody else. Even it may be a best but if its
> not simple than people are not going to use it and too much mention of
> asterisk in the doc will end up people trying asterisk more rather than
> using freeswitch.
> The guys whom we are targetting today may not be there, there will be a new
> generation and we should drive it with them in mind.
> I hope we all give it a thought and think from a novice point of view.
> Be a BOLT win with a self confidence and create only records.
> regards,
> Sunil
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