[Freeswitch-users] FreeSWITCH behind NAT with users on both sides

Martin Joseph astmac at stillnewt.org
Thu Aug 21 10:55:08 PDT 2008

On Aug 21, 2008, at 9:32 AM, kokoska.rokoska wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm trying to get run FreeSWITCH behind NAT with users behind the same
> NAT, on public IP addresses and also behind the other NAT.

I am trying to do the exact same thing and haven't figured it out yet  

It does seem to me that he different profiles are differentiated by  
the registration port.

ie if you use "sofia status" from the command line you can see the  
different profiles.  If you register on port 5060, you are on one  
profile if you register on port 5070 another, 5080, ..etc.

Hope this is right?  Maybe it's helpful?


> I think I need different sofia profiles for them. Thats simple :-)
> But what I'm missing is how to choose proper profile for inbound  
> call to
> the users. And if I have to use multiply registrations, it is even
> harder :-)
> Lets say I have profile A for users behind same NAT and profile B for
> the others.
> And than comes call for some user. How should I know what profile I  
> need?
> sofia/A/user%$${domain}
> or
> sofia/B/user%$${domain}
> And in case if user is registered more than once (at first from behind
> the same NAT and at second from the other NAT) I really don't know how
> dial string should look like :-)
> Could someone, please, point me to some docs (I'm not able to find it)
> or explain it directly? I really appreciate it :-) Thank you.
> Best regards,
> kokoska.rokoska
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