[Freeswitch-users] Documentation suggestion

Robert Smith robert.m.t.smith at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 6 03:10:27 PDT 2008

Michael Collins wrote:

> And thank you!  We appreciate it when people make suggestions about
> documentation.  Everyone wants the program to do something but precious
> few people offer feedback on getting the system documented.  Please
> continue offering suggestions.

I speak as someone new to telephony applications, being asked to
investigate them for our business model. As I (we) are researching
software switches and IVRs we naturally installed Asterisk but found a
problem. While searching for answers we found a list of soft switches on
voip-info which led here.

However, the learning curve is substantial to someone outside of
telephony. May I suggest that someone provides a simple to understand
page listing call flow from a PSTN and out to a PSTN, for example?
Simply working out what functionality exists and how it is intended to
be used would make an excellent starting point. Simple things like
explaining the difference between users and extensions.

Agreed much of this is not your responsibility. However for take-up to
be effective by a wide audience such guidance would be a serious boost.


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