[Freeswitch-users] Documentation suggestion

Michael Collins mcollins at fcnetwork.com
Mon Aug 4 12:56:25 PDT 2008

> I have recently become aware of Freeswitch and I see much potential.
> Obviously
> there are huge gaps in the documentation. There are a few example
> and
> they are great but they suggest we are seeing only the tip of the

Indeed.  The FS devs are so talented that they can write apps and
features faster than anyone can document them!  We are working as best
we can on the documentation.  We have some intrepid volunteers giving of
their free time and they are doing their level best.  

> I believe what is needed is a list of all applications and channel
> variables,
> their purpose and the module which must be loaded to implement them if
> in
> the core. Then the new user can begin to customize the examples.

Your input matters a great deal.  Those new to FS have a viewpoint that
most of us cannot empathize with, especially those who have at least
some technical background.  I believe Wasim and Brian have responded to
some of your suggestions already.  We are working on the apps and apis
list as well as the channel variables list.  I'd say we are at least a
few weeks away from anything substantial here so please check back!

> If this information already exists, kindly point me in the right
> direction.
> Thank you

And thank you!  We appreciate it when people make suggestions about
documentation.  Everyone wants the program to do something but precious
few people offer feedback on getting the system documented.  Please
continue offering suggestions.


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