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Ashutosh ashutosh.kumars at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 11:13:56 PDT 2008

   I almost visit the docu wiki of FS daily to see if some documentation has
been changed/added or altered. So, i have to literally go through all the
sections and sub-sections of the wiki to find material of interest which
might have changed in last 24 hours.
   I wondered if the home page of the wiki has a seciton like "NEWS" which
can contain chronological changes in the docu wiki made by
users/maintainers. That will enable us to find changes at one go. I will do
my bit of study on mediawiki if this is possible and lchk if this is

Thanks to the FS team for the "telephony of the century" :)


On Wed, Aug 6, 2008 at 10:10 AM, Robert Smith <
robert.m.t.smith at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Michael Collins wrote:
> > And thank you!  We appreciate it when people make suggestions about
> > documentation.  Everyone wants the program to do something but precious
> > few people offer feedback on getting the system documented.  Please
> > continue offering suggestions.
> I speak as someone new to telephony applications, being asked to
> investigate them for our business model. As I (we) are researching
> software switches and IVRs we naturally installed Asterisk but found a
> problem. While searching for answers we found a list of soft switches on
> voip-info which led here.
> However, the learning curve is substantial to someone outside of
> telephony. May I suggest that someone provides a simple to understand
> page listing call flow from a PSTN and out to a PSTN, for example?
> Simply working out what functionality exists and how it is intended to
> be used would make an excellent starting point. Simple things like
> explaining the difference between users and extensions.
> Agreed much of this is not your responsibility. However for take-up to
> be effective by a wide audience such guidance would be a serious boost.
> R.
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