[Freeswitch-users] CDR: meaning of date and time variables

Michael Collins mcollins at fcnetwork.com
Fri Aug 1 12:06:03 PDT 2008

> Great piece of work, thanks very much!

Thanks for saying so. :)

> Some comments:
> - Maybe you would add to the documentation that microseconds is 10^6
>    seconds, just for completeness sake.
> - In Configuration Options, you are missing:
>    * log-b-leg
>    * disable-100-continue
>    * ignore-cacert-check

I'm sure that I've missed more than just those!  I was focusing on the
time-related chan vars but hopefully soon we'll get everything down.
Thanks for collating all of these SIP-related vars.  I'll get them
integrated into the page as soon as I have a few minutes to spare...


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