[Freeswitch-users] CDR: meaning of date and time variables

Birgit Arkesteijn birgit at westhawk.co.uk
Fri Aug 1 03:52:36 PDT 2008

Hi Mike,

Great piece of work, thanks very much!

Some comments:
- Maybe you would add to the documentation that microseconds is 10^6
   seconds, just for completeness sake.
- In Configuration Options, you are missing:
   * log-b-leg
   * disable-100-continue
   * ignore-cacert-check

I've just spend some days writing a servlet that will take the XML_CDR, 
flatting it and write it to a table. I tried to describe all the 
variables (except for app-log & application) as part of the table 
documentation. Most of it is guess work.
SIP seems to produce an awful lot of parameters:

*** a-leg only:
sip_received_ip - the IP address SIP is received from
sip_received_port - the port SIP is received from

sip_authorized - is SIP authorized?
sip_mailbox - the SIP mailbox
sip_auth_username - the SIP authenticated username
sip_auth_realm - the SIP authenticated realm

sip_req_user - the username in SIP Request line (TFN)
sip_req_uri - the uri in SIP Request line
sip_req_host - the hostname in SIP Request line

sip_via_host - the hostname in SIP Via header
sip_via_port - the port in SIP Via header
sip_via_rport - the remote port in SIP Via header

sip_from_user - the username in SIP From header
sip_from_uri - the uri in SIP From header
sip_from_host - the hostname in SIP From header
sip_from_user_stripped - the stripped username in SIP From header (?)
sip_from_tag - the tag in SIP From header

sip_to_user - the username in SIP To header (TFN)
sip_to_uri - the uri in SIP To header
sip_to_host - the hostname in SIP To header

sip_contact_user - the username in SIP Contact header
sip_contact_uri - the uri in SIP Contact header
sip_contact_host - the hostname in SIP Contact header

*** both legs:
sip_call_id - the SIP Call-id header
sip_user_agent - the SIP Call user-agent header

*** b-leg only:
sip_gateway_name - the name of the SIP gateway (doneright)
sip_destination_url - the SIP destination URL
sip_term_status - the SIP termination status
sip_term_cause - the SIP termination cause code

mailbox - the mailbox
user_name - the username
domain_name - the domain name
record_stereo - is recording in stereo?
accountcode - the account code
user_context - the user context
effective_caller_id_name - the effective caller id name
effective_caller_id_number - the effective caller id number

sofia_profile_name - the sofia profile name
sofia_profile_domain_name - the sofia profile domain name

channel_name - the channel name
max_forwards - the maximum number of forwards (proxies/gateways)
presence_id - the presence id
remote_media_ip - the remote media IP address
remote_media_port - the remote media port
local_media_ip - the local media IP address
local_media_port - the local media IP port
read_codec - the inbound codec
read_rate - the inbound rate
write_codec - the outbound codec
write_rate - the outbound codec
current_application - the current application
last_file_position - the last position in the js or recording file(?)
endpoint_disposition - ???
originate_disposition - ???
bridge_channel - the bridge channel
bridge_uuid - the bridge uuid
signal_bond - ???
switch_m_sdp - merged (?) SDP
switch_r_sdp - changes the remote SDP header
sip_hangup_phrase - the SIP hangup phrase
proto_specific_hangup_cause - the protocal specific hangup cause
hangup_cause - the hangup cause

last_app - the last application
last_arg - the last argument
caller_id - the caller id

*** b-leg only:
originator - the originator of this b-leg (== a-leg.uuid)
originator_codec - the codec of the originator

*** both legs:
username - the username of the caller
dialplan - the dialplan of the caller
caller_id_name - the caller_id_name of the caller
caller_id_number - the caller_id_number of the caller
ani - the ANI of the caller
aniii - the ??? of the caller
network_addr - the network address of the caller
rdnis - the ??? of the caller
destination_number - the destination number of the caller
uuid - the uuid of the caller
source - the source of the caller
context - the context of the caller
chan_name - the channel name of the caller

created_time - the created time in microseconds
profile_created_time - the profile created time in microseconds
progress_time - the progress time in microseconds
progress_media_time - the progress_media time in microseconds
answered_time - the answered time in microseconds
hangup_time - the hangup time in microseconds
transfer_time - the transfer time in microseconds

(end of list of variables)

To relate a- and b-legs:
a-leg.uuid == b-leg.originator

Thanks, Birgit

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