[Freeswitch-users] Calling Queue Implementation

Daniel Hefti dhefti at metropark.com
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I was thinking about this too, and I haven't seen that functionality implemented anywhere, but I'm still pretty new to this myself.  There doesn't seem to be a distinction between agents and non-agents in a standard fifo queue.

I was thinking about implementing this type of feature in javascript and adding agent-related parameters/variables as part of their user settings in the directory, but I'm not certain what the impact would be on resources if it was implemented that way.


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I am in the processing of implementing a typical scenario for service call.  So, in my scenario, I would have several agents who may log in and log out of the queue at different times of the day.
People can call in and will be routed to one of the available agents.  If no agent responses within 1 mins, then they would be asked to call back again.

I checked the fifo mod, and I see how I can pack and unpark a user in the queue.  However, how would I be able to route call to the agent automatically?

Does it mean the agent have to initiate by pressing a # key and then have the dialplan to  fetch the first user from the queue (using fifo out ) ?  How is it possible for the agent's phone to ring automatically when a user is added to the queue?

If someone can show me with an example, it will be greatly appreciated.

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