[Freeswitch-users] Milion dollar question about CDR

Gregor Nanger gregor at infomedia.si
Fri Oct 14 23:21:16 UTC 2022


We are using xml_cdr to process and save CDRS.

But somehow process_cdr variable is broken with the latest version. I have
the following scenario:

process_cdr=true (so that both legs are posted to cdr URL)
bridge to gateway 1
bridge to gateway 2

If first gateway fails FS goes to second one. Everything works ok. But only
last cdr for gateway 2 is posted. Also only one callflow in XML. This
worked fine. It used to post 2 xmls for everytime FS goes out to gateway.

But now I have to fake enterprise originate that I get 2 cdrs. I append :_:
on the end of the bridge. So, bottom line, without enterprise originate,
only one XML and only last cdr, with fake enterprise originate 2 cdrs for
both calls out to gateways

Anyone noticed this behaviour, any advice?
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