[Freeswitch-users] Howto? Migrating from Siemens HiPath4000 to FreeSWITCH

Patrick Lists freeswitch-list at puzzled.xs4all.nl
Thu May 10 14:33:03 MSD 2012

On 10-05-12 10:44, Markus Lindenberg wrote:
> This is in contrast to Dialogic Diva BRI/PRI cards, which are pretty
> awesome but rely on a mess of packages, daemons and kernel modules
> compiled in place on the target system for the target kernel. So by
> just updating your server you could possibly break stuff and you also
> have to make sure that your OS is supported. 

I agree that the Dialogic Diva cards are great. I've been using them for
many years and they have always worked flawlessly. Like the Sangoma
cards I might add. Afaik there is no channel driver for Diva cards in
FreeSWITCH (Dialogic: create one!) so in relation to FreeSWITCH it would
unfortunately not be an option. There is chan_capi in the Asterisk world
which works great.

Regarding the possibility of breaking stuff: Diva software works fine on
both RHEL6 and CentOS6. What else do you need in the Enterprise? :) All
Diva software is located in /usr/lib/eicon (also on 64bit...) and in my
experience the kernel modules work fine on newer kernels due to ABI
compatibility. I have never seen things break on target systems because
if you create an RPM then the Diva software can easily be installed,
updated or removed. I only install the bare minimum (scripts and
firmware and an init script) so no daemons or multiple packages and the
kernel modules are RPM packaged on a separate build system using the
proper way instead of through some 10,000 line kitchen sink build script
that requires to be run as root.

If you don't want to worry about all the moving parts then a Smartnode,
Audiocodes, BeroNet or Redfone box are definitely options to look at.


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