[Freeswitch-users] MOD_LCR: IntraState and IntraLata Confusion.

Max Clark max.clark at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 23:41:43 MSD 2011


mod_lcr performs a series of tests against the database when you load
the module. I worked around this by dropping the intralata column from
the database. Granted this is with a much older version of the module,
but you might want to try the same for your installation.


On Sun, Oct 2, 2011 at 9:02 PM, Alan Frisch <frisch.alan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Been cutting my teeth on Mod_LCR today with inter/intra state costs and have
> run into a little issue that I am sure one of the refined experts can help
> with.
> Now if I have a rate list that is like:
> 212203,0.00738,0.00716
> ...
> 203302,0.00604,0.00716
> I assume I should load the INTRASTATE into the intrastate_rate MySQL field
> (of course).... and would I then load the INTERSTATE into the rate field?
> What do I do about the intralata_rate field?
> If I leave intralata_rate 0 or NULL, then LCR fails.  I only want to rate on
> inter/intra-state and not on LATA.  If tried setting the intralata_rate to
> be the same as the interstate_rate which works fine in most examples, but
> with the above data (one number being in NY and the other in CT) the LCR
> selects an intralata rate instead of an interstate rate, due to the common
> lata (though the states are different).
> How can I get Mod_LCR to rate only by state?  I am just playing with the LCR
> command in CLI and not in the dialplan yet.
> Thanks.
> AF.
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