[Freeswitch-users] MOD_LCR: IntraState and IntraLata Confusion.

Alan Frisch frisch.alan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 08:02:17 MSD 2011

Been cutting my teeth on Mod_LCR today with inter/intra state costs and have
run into a little issue that I am sure one of the refined experts can help

Now if I have a rate list that is like:


I assume I should load the INTRASTATE into the intrastate_rate MySQL field
(of course).... and would I then load the INTERSTATE into the rate field?
What do I do about the intralata_rate field?

If I leave intralata_rate 0 or NULL, then LCR fails.  I only want to rate on
inter/intra-state and not on LATA.  If tried setting the intralata_rate to
be the same as the interstate_rate which works fine in most examples, but
with the above data (one number being in NY and the other in CT) the LCR
selects an intralata rate instead of an interstate rate, due to the common
lata (though the states are different).

How can I get Mod_LCR to rate only by state?  I am just playing with the LCR
command in CLI and not in the dialplan yet.


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