[Freeswitch-users] Mitel 3300 ICP "Multicall" Equivalent

Brian West brian at freeswitch.org
Fri Feb 25 19:18:20 MSK 2011

You want Directed Call Pickup right?


On Feb 24, 2011, at 1:47 PM, Alex Crow wrote:

> Hello list,
> Our company is considering a migration from Mitel 3300 ICP to an 
> alternative platform, and of course FreeSwitch is a major contender, 
> being as we are not enamoured with "black boxes" and proprietary protocols.
> There is a function in the Mitel that ideally we'd like to replicate (on 
> whatever hardphones are most appropriate). "Multicall" allows you to 
> assign one number to a button (other than the "main line" or default 
> extension) on several phones (up to 31 on the 3300) such that a call (or 
> any number of concurrent calls up to the number of phones configured 
> with that button)  to that number can be signalled on all phones and 
> picked up by anyone with that button configured on that phone. We use 
> that for calling direct to regional teams. No barging is allowed, and 
> the button only changes state (from off to flashing) when a call needs 
> answering on the multicall number. Said button assignment can be set to 
> either ring or not. Once the call has been answered by one user of the 
> multicall the light goes off on other configured extensions and another 
> incoming call can be answered in the same way by another extension, 
> regardless of the status of all other extensions with the same button 
> configured.
> I was looking at the SCA/SLA stuff on the wiki, which is a close as I 
> could find to this behaviour, but barging is unwanted and we require the 
> line appearance, ringing and answering to be as described above.
> My question, given the above, is:
> 1. If SCA is able to do this, what is the best phone to support it 
> (Polycom seems good from the wiki)
> 2. If SCA is not appropriate, I have the feeling that queues would be 
> the next best option - if these can be assigned to a button on the phone 
> so much the better.
> 3. BLF doesn't look right as it seems it needs at least one extension 
> with that as its "primary" number.
> There is some flexibilty here, but to ease transition it would be best 
> to keep the functionality as close as possible.
> IMHO the Mitel way is really odd but it's got a lot of traction having 
> been used here for 7 years+.
> Thanks
> Alex
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