[Freeswitch-users] Some question about mod_fifo ??

Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng hungngm at bkav.com.vn
Sat Apr 3 01:05:36 PDT 2010


Hi Seven Du.

Thanks to yours suggetion.

I have an ideal, it is: when the call between caller and agent is set, the
caller_id is determined. So, i want to edit code to sent the agent information
(the call_id and call_id_number) which will be displayed againt in the agent's
softphone (as Xlite..) when the call is happening.

I read some documents but i still can't determine: It's maybe yes or maybe to do
this and where to do this.

Can you give me some comments.

Best Regard.


Seven Du [dujinfang at gmail.com]


»¿As discussed in the list, it's not a freeswitch problem but a reality of

Think about customer A and B calls in one after another, then if
FreeSWITCH call agent X with caller id A and Y with caller id B, and
angent Y answers before X, then

1) if bridge Y with A with the FIFO rule, then the caller id is wrong
2) if bridge Y with B, the caller id is right but it breaks the rule
of FIFO - A should be served before B!! And what even worse is that
if X never answer A then A never can be served which is really

Of course you don't want 1), and you don't need mod_fifo if you want
behavior 2), you just need some dialplan trick or some simple Lua
script I think. Also FreeSWITCH is designed to be easily extended with
almost any languages so feel free to implement anything.

2010/3/31 Nguyá»n Mạnh Hùng 

> Hi Mike and Seven Du.
> Thanks to yours help.
> I known the mechanism of mod_fifo.
> What a pity, It can't solve this problem. I can't use freeswitch for my call
> center.
> Hope new version can solve this !!!

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