[Freeswitch-users] MOH and bypass media

Gaëtan Minet gminet-ml at mcit.be
Fri Jan 2 02:59:24 PST 2009


As a newcomer on Freeswitch, first of all thanks you for all your work  
on it. I'm currently evaluating it as a replacement for * and really  
appreciate working (ok, playing) with it.

One of our requirements is to optimize the network flows as much as  
possible, and as such avoid any unnecessary rtp proxying.

When a call is in bypass media and one of the phones puts the call on  
hold, the remote phone doesn't play moh.
Of course I guess this is expected in bypass media, and moh should be  
the responsibility of the UA just like in a pure sip proxy environment  
( so the phone that holds the line should for example invite the moh  
server in a new dialog and swap sdp with the remote phone or something  

Snom phones do this just fine when you configure the moh server uri in  
the phone, but others like Thomsons ST2030 do not have that setting  
(... I know, real crap, but we already deployed tons of them so we  
cannot ignore them...) . So when a Thomson puts another phone on hold,  
there is no music at all.

I'd like to achieve something similar to what asterisk does with  
(re)invites during the hold. I read about and tried the resume-media- 
on-hold option and this works fine, the phone correctly gets the moh.
However, when the call is unheld, the media stream continues in media  
mode and I'd like to avoid this as much as possible.

Is there a way to return to bypass media mode automatically when the  
call is unheld ?
BTW, is the resume-media-on-hold really implemented for server moh  
support, or as a more generic way to put a call back in media mode (so  
we can listen for inband/rfc dtmf for example) ?

I also noticed that the remote phone only sees/display the hold state  
when in bypass media mode. I guess no reinvite (a=sendonly) at all is  
sent to the held party when in media mode ? Again, is there a solution  
for this ?

Many thanks !

Kind regards


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