[Freeswitch-users] MOH and bypass media

Brian West brian at freeswitch.org
Fri Jan 2 09:57:13 PST 2009

Please see:

         When calls are in no media this will bring them back to media
         when you press the hold  
.                                                                                                                             -->
     <!--<param name="media-option" value="resume-media-on-hold"/> -- 
         This will allow a call after an attended transfer go back to
          bypass media after an attended transfer.
     <!--<param name="media-option" value="bypass-media-after-att- 

in sip_profiles/internal.xml

PS you can't get out of the media path when you unhold... FS will be  
in the media path hold button moving forward unless you use the  
uuid_media command to turn it back off.

On Jan 2, 2009, at 4:59 AM, Gaëtan Minet wrote:

> Hi,
> As a newcomer on Freeswitch, first of all thanks you for all your work
> on it. I'm currently evaluating it as a replacement for * and really
> appreciate working (ok, playing) with it.
> One of our requirements is to optimize the network flows as much as
> possible, and as such avoid any unnecessary rtp proxying.
> When a call is in bypass media and one of the phones puts the call on
> hold, the remote phone doesn't play moh.
> Of course I guess this is expected in bypass media, and moh should be
> the responsibility of the UA just like in a pure sip proxy environment
> ( so the phone that holds the line should for example invite the moh
> server in a new dialog and swap sdp with the remote phone or something
> similar).
> Snom phones do this just fine when you configure the moh server uri in
> the phone, but others like Thomsons ST2030 do not have that setting
> (... I know, real crap, but we already deployed tons of them so we
> cannot ignore them...) . So when a Thomson puts another phone on hold,
> there is no music at all.
> I'd like to achieve something similar to what asterisk does with
> (re)invites during the hold. I read about and tried the resume-media-
> on-hold option and this works fine, the phone correctly gets the moh.
> However, when the call is unheld, the media stream continues in media
> mode and I'd like to avoid this as much as possible.
> Is there a way to return to bypass media mode automatically when the
> call is unheld ?
> BTW, is the resume-media-on-hold really implemented for server moh
> support, or as a more generic way to put a call back in media mode (so
> we can listen for inband/rfc dtmf for example) ?
> I also noticed that the remote phone only sees/display the hold state
> when in bypass media mode. I guess no reinvite (a=sendonly) at all is
> sent to the held party when in media mode ? Again, is there a solution
> for this ?
> Many thanks !
> Kind regards
> Gaetan
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