[Freeswitch-users] Call For Help: Janitor Projects

Raymond Chandler intralanman at freeswitch.org
Wed Apr 1 11:29:13 PDT 2009

mszlazak at aol.com wrote:
> Pardon me, but you speak only for yourself. I think Janitor is not an 
> appropriate word.
you're welcome to your opinions, no matter how wrong they are
> Second, 'marketing and sales' does not only mean making money. It also 
> means 'selling' someone on the idea of trying something and 
> effectively spreading the word.
we don't try to sell anyone on the project... we'll tell you the pros 
and cons, you decide if the software meets your needs or not.
> Third, the original developers can spend most of their time developing 
> because they're the creators so they know very well what's going on 
> with the code and don't need good documentation. Others need good 
> documentation to effectively work with FS or do development. Currently 
> the documentation is scattered, assumes to much and is 
> outdated/incorrected.
maybe you could fix some of that since you seem to be very enlightened 
to its shortcomings? although, that might offend your delicate psyche 
since you'd basically be a "janitor" then.
> Also, there is a problem with not getting the "creators" involved with 
> documentation since someone doing the documentation will have to ask 
> them what's what. The "creators" never will be totally out of the loop 
> nor should they be. This doesn't apply only here in this context but 
> other similar ones as well. Keeping  "creators" from inteact with 
> "customers" is one big reason so many start-ups fail.
hmmm, maybe you're right... maybe the whole idea of hierarchy is 
entirely wrong.

i guess we could expect tony to document his own code... while we're at 
it, let's suggest that microsoft has Bill Gates write documentation for 
windows and answer tech support calls, right? cus i mean, obviously 
everyone who writes code should obviously do everything else too, right?

but i guess that doesn't work the other direction... cus if you don't 
know how to code, then you just can't code... its as simple as that. so 
now we have effectively halved (or better) the development activities of 
FreeSWITCH so there's less to document, but that's ok, because now 
there's plenty of people using it and not contributing anything back... 
and that's what open-source is really all about, right?

btw, i'm just curious if you're an employee of a commercial entity that 
feels threatened by FreeSWITCH... what better way to decrease 
productivity than to split hairs over something so stupid as the name of 
an effort (janitor projects, in this case) that you're not going to take 
part in anyway.

if i may ask, have you done anything constructive for the community at 
all? all i've seen of you from the mailing lists is non-constructive 
criticisms. not that we don't appreciate your trolling... its very 
entertaining to see how narrow-minded some people are.

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