[Freeswitch-users] mod_cdr revival (or new module maybe)

David Knell dave at 3c.co.uk
Thu Oct 30 04:53:23 PDT 2008

The sleep's done each time the directory's empty, not each time a file's 
written.  File open and close
are trivial (it's probably still cached), and the contents are going to 
have to be parsed wherever you
process it.

We've used exactly this to process deliver CDRs on boxes handling in 
excess of 500K mins/day
without issue.  And, looking at one now, the CDR processor's used about 
4% of the CPU time
of FreeSWITCH, and about half that of the MySQL database which it writes 
the records to, also
on the local machine, from which they're simply copied to the main CDR 

It performance simply isn't worth worrying about.

> "sleep for a couple of seconds"
> But then you could only insert 1800 cdrs per hour...
> If I was to insert 36000 cdrs per hour this means that I have to
> open
> parse
> close
> 10 files per second. Imagine the I/O penalty just for opening - closing the file.
> (the persing is the same for both situations)
> David Knell wrote:
>> regs at kinetix.gr wrote:
>>> Yes, the xml files give you tons of info... but isn't it a little 
>>> insufficient - performance wise -
>>> to open and close so many files in such a little time. In a PBX 
>>> environment that wouldn't be an
>>> issue but if we get to the small-voip-carrier level (some thousand cdrs 
>>> per hour)
>>> that could slow things down considerably, wouldn't it?
>> Not that you'd notice.  We run XML CDR to database scripting on each box 
>> that we use
>> for switching, and it's a pretty trivial task compared with switching 
>> all that media.  Doing it
>> this way is:-
>> (a) distributed - one process per box scales nicely;
>> (b) robust - script down, DB down, no problem: files just queue up;
>> (c) simple - the script logic is trivial:
>> - while 1
>>   - for each file in the XML CDR directory
>>     - open it
>>     - parse it (XML::Simple for us)
>>     - insert it in to the DB
>>     - delete it
>>   - sleep for a couple of seconds
>> Two error cases: can't parse or can't find data which should be there: 
>> move the file in to
>> another directory to be examined by real eyes; DB insert fails: break 
>> out of inner loop and
>> it'll be retried after a short pause.
>> --Dave
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