[Freeswitch-users] mod_cdr revival (or new module maybe)

regs at kinetix.gr regs at kinetix.gr
Thu Oct 30 03:30:38 PDT 2008

"sleep for a couple of seconds"

But then you could only insert 1800 cdrs per hour...
If I was to insert 36000 cdrs per hour this means that I have to
10 files per second. Imagine the I/O penalty just for opening - closing the file.
(the persing is the same for both situations)

David Knell wrote:
> regs at kinetix.gr wrote:
>> Yes, the xml files give you tons of info... but isn't it a little 
>> insufficient - performance wise -
>> to open and close so many files in such a little time. In a PBX 
>> environment that wouldn't be an
>> issue but if we get to the small-voip-carrier level (some thousand cdrs 
>> per hour)
>> that could slow things down considerably, wouldn't it?
> Not that you'd notice.  We run XML CDR to database scripting on each box 
> that we use
> for switching, and it's a pretty trivial task compared with switching 
> all that media.  Doing it
> this way is:-
> (a) distributed - one process per box scales nicely;
> (b) robust - script down, DB down, no problem: files just queue up;
> (c) simple - the script logic is trivial:
> - while 1
>   - for each file in the XML CDR directory
>     - open it
>     - parse it (XML::Simple for us)
>     - insert it in to the DB
>     - delete it
>   - sleep for a couple of seconds
> Two error cases: can't parse or can't find data which should be there: 
> move the file in to
> another directory to be examined by real eyes; DB insert fails: break 
> out of inner loop and
> it'll be retried after a short pause.
> --Dave

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