[Freeswitch-users] Load test - performance not even matching Asterisk

Anthony Minessale anthony.minessale at gmail.com
Sat Oct 4 15:07:55 PDT 2008


We are all very busy.  We take time out of our day to answer as many
questions as we can in the little spare time we have.
I personally do not have the time to educate everyone on sipp.  There
is a community here working together on all the docs and I am afraid
you may have just insulted them with your comments.
My point is I do not have time to stop what I am doing and support
people trying to do load testing when they clearly have a lot to learn
about the whole concept.
I have already added 2 features for you for free and answered all of
your questions.  What elese do you want from us?

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On 10/4/08, Jon Bruel <jbr at consiglia.dk> wrote:
> Anthony, your last response is surprising me. I appreciate the work you
> have done in supporting people doing load testing. But the information
> about this is rather unorganized and difficult to access for newbies.
> Further, many threads on this and other topics are written in telegram
> style language, which increases the learning time. As an example, the
> first time I heard about the testing tool sipp was yesterday - through
> the users list - thanks. What a great tool! The documentation though, is
> not aimed at making the learning curve easy. A "these are the 20 steps
> to do test" manual does not exist to my knowledge. Bear in mind that I'm
> not a programmer but a generalist with all-round knowledge about
> telecoms and virtual PBXs.
> I hope you can use this feedback in a productive way in order to improve
> the overall level of documentation. And it also pinpoints the need for
> the userlist and repetitive questions.
> Setting up commercial relations also makes sense when we have reached
> the proof of concept and a business plan can be made. The proof of
> concept includes a decision about which switch to use, Asterisk is still
> an alternative to FS. Asterisk may have some architectural drawbacks,
> but it has been tested for a longer time and in more setups than FS.
> Further, Asterisk has a bad reputation.
> As you have mentioned before, it may be worth while visiting your team
> soon, and I'm preparing for that.  /Jon
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