[Freeswitch-users] Load test - performance not even matching Asterisk

Jon Bruel jbr at consiglia.dk
Sat Oct 4 14:22:52 PDT 2008

Anthony, your last response is surprising me. I appreciate the work you
have done in supporting people doing load testing. But the information
about this is rather unorganized and difficult to access for newbies.
Further, many threads on this and other topics are written in telegram
style language, which increases the learning time. As an example, the
first time I heard about the testing tool sipp was yesterday - through
the users list - thanks. What a great tool! The documentation though, is
not aimed at making the learning curve easy. A "these are the 20 steps
to do test" manual does not exist to my knowledge. Bear in mind that I'm
not a programmer but a generalist with all-round knowledge about
telecoms and virtual PBXs.
I hope you can use this feedback in a productive way in order to improve
the overall level of documentation. And it also pinpoints the need for
the userlist and repetitive questions.
Setting up commercial relations also makes sense when we have reached
the proof of concept and a business plan can be made. The proof of
concept includes a decision about which switch to use, Asterisk is still
an alternative to FS. Asterisk may have some architectural drawbacks,
but it has been tested for a longer time and in more setups than FS.
Further, Asterisk has a bad reputation. 
As you have mentioned before, it may be worth while visiting your team
soon, and I'm preparing for that.  /Jon

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