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Mon Apr 27 11:29:14 PDT 2009

Author: mcollins
Date: Mon Apr 27 13:29:14 2009
New Revision: 13171

add changelog items since 1.0.3 through r13139 (part deux)


Modified: freeswitch/trunk/docs/ChangeLog
--- freeswitch/trunk/docs/ChangeLog	(original)
+++ freeswitch/trunk/docs/ChangeLog	Mon Apr 27 13:29:14 2009
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
 freeswitch (1.0.4)
 	add: TextMate bundle for FreeSWITCH - thanks mrene (r:12559-12560)
 	all: numerous code cleanups, removal of unused variables
 	all: update numerous Doxygen comments
@@ -58,8 +58,272 @@
 	core: add separate mutex for state related methods (r:12191)
 	core: move media bug removal to hangup state (r:12225)
 	core: create indexes for ODBC (r:12235)
-	core: add direction col to sql db, add direction param to session_c
+	core: add direction col to sql db, add direction param to session_create, log DTMF digits to digits_dialed variable for CDR (r:12244)
+	core: avoid operations on closed file handles in embedded languages (r:12255)
+	core: fix bridging issue from r:12244 (FSCORE-308/r:12257)
+	core: fix segfault after 2000 calls, 5 days uptime (FSCORE-309/r:12267-12270)
+	core: fix crash in switch_ivr_digit_stream_parser_feed (MODAPP-221/r:12262)
+	core: fix issue in monitor_early_media_fail (r:12271)
+	core: fix leak in switch_event.c (r:12291-12292)
+	core: clean up ivr_menu, prevent recursion (r:12295)
+	core: improve memory usage (r:12317)
+	core: fix leak in switch_ivr_async.c (r:12330)
+	core: fix leak in switch_channel.c (r:12332)
+	core: uuid_displace stopped working when limit arg used (MODAPP-225/r:12368)
+	core: fix att_xfer media bug problem (FSCORE-317/r:12390)
+	core: improve stability (FSCORE-297/FSCORE-305/FSCORE-315/r:12392,12403)
+	core: add new state for CDR and leg_delay_start originate var (r:12403-12404)
+	core: Make MESSAGE work with SIP PATH Exension (FSCORE-310/r:12426)
+	core: fix uninitialized mutex in switch_core_media_bug (FSCORE-320/r:12428)
+	core: fix segfault with eavesdrop (FSCORE-319/r:12429)
+	core: add generic config parser - thanks mrene (r:12432)
+	core: add sessions since start up to heartbeat event (r:12472)
+	core: increase buffer size for regex api (MODAPP-228/r:12480)
+	core: fix FreeSWITCH start failure - "Error: stacksize 240 is too large" (FSCORE-323/r:12509)
+	core: unloading endpoint module now removes from endpoint list (MODENDP-196/r:12535)
+	core: fix deadlock in fsctl hupall (r:12544)
+	core: add origination_pricavy var to originate api (r:12546)
+	core: increase stack limit for switch_system (FSCORE-328/r:12569)
+	core: fix uuid_originate param not assigning uuid properly (FSCORE-322/r:12591)
+	core: add check for a and b leg no answer on bridge (r:12595)
+	core: fix origination_privacy var (r:12603)
+	core: fix group_confirm regression from svn r12403 (r:12616)
+	core: fix caller ID values not being set in CHANNEL_OUTGOING (FSCORE-336/r:12643)
+	core: make -vg imply -waste so valgrind runs won't re-exec (r:12670)
+	core: add apr_pool_mutex_set() to our apr to fix thread-saftey issue (r:12672)
+	core: make port allocator more random (r:12673,12675)
+	core: make switch_channel_get_variable strdup so the pointer returned is safe and clean up the state locking (r:12674)
+	core: Empty audio files should not be created when RECORD_ANSWER_REQ is set to true and a call is not bridged (r:12682)
+	core: add transfer_after_bridge var (r:12691)
+	core: other_leg_unique_id incorrectly set when briding with using ',' (FSCORE-331/r:12704)
+	core: make gaussian noise less noisy (FSCORE-340/r:12720)
+	core: add import vars to FIFO (r:12722)
+	core: fix switch_core_file_write method not writing the entire buffer to the file (FSCORE-341/r:12728)
+	core: fix hanguphook order of operations vs destroy method issue in c++ code (r:12730)
+	core: rearrange hangup callflow to do more work in the session's own thread (r:12784)
+	core: Allow variables containing variables in set and export (MODAPP-241/r:12804)
+	core: add read_terminator_used var (r:12840)
+	core: change blocking rtp to psuedo-blocking to avoid endlessly blocking reads and refactor jitter buffer (r:12846)
+	core: add rtp-autoflush profile param and rtp_autoflush var (r:12854)
+	core: fix various small leaks (FSCORE-347/r:12873)
+	core: add a couple, two tree stats (r:12913)
+	core: fix play_and_get_digits to unset the var if the regex didn't match (r:12921)
+	core: drop divide by 2 from normalize func (r12935)
+	core: add missing begin/end, allow threads to read and play_and_get_digits methods (r:12958)
+	core: fix windows calling conventions for modules with sub-modules broken in svn r12919 (r:12960)
+	core: add flag to denote if a codec is init or not (FSCORE-349/r:12961)
+	core: add more specific checks to new macro just to be safe (r:12973)
+	core: change CS_DONE to CS_DESTROY and add state handler for destroy and tear down critical parts of the channel from this method which is not called until it's impossible for anything to be referencing the channel (after final write lock and before destroying the pool) (r:12986)
+	core: fix regression from earlier commit (FSCORE-352/r:12987)
+	core: expand channel variables for sound files in IVRs (MODAPP-257/r:13005)
+	core: clone frames in loopback so we can smooth it out better, now with more memory usage (tm) maybe this will curb pepople from using it like candy (r:13011)
+	core: run expand_vars if input contains a special escaped character not just when it contains a variable to eat up back slashes (r:13015)
+	core: change names to be more explicit (r:13028)
+	core: xml_config: Fix issue where default NULL strings were ignored on reload (r:13052)
+	core: autoflush on bridge and add bridge_hangup_cause variable to indicate the hangup cause of the last bridged channel (r:13065)
+	core: add record_ms, record_samples, playback_ms and playback_samples chanvars (r:13105)
+	core: make state_handler macros not let you install the same one more than once (r:13111)
+	core: Do not use struct fd_set uninitialized (always FD_ZERO() them, before using FD_SET() on a new one, or reusing them after select()). Fixes a segfault on solaris (r:13125)
+	core: Fix missing UNPROTECT_INTERFACE in case pre_answer fails (r:13130)
+	docs: Fix filename references in phrase_en.xml (r:12976)
+	docs: Update phrase_en.xml to include v1.0.8 sound prompts (r:13041)
+	docs: Updates to phrase_es.xml (r:13067)
+	docs: Latest revision of Spanish prompts file (r:13115)
+	formats: add mod_portaudio_stream to get audio from any dev (MODFORM-25/r:12178)
+	fs_cli: fix solaris build (r:12160)
+	ivr: make tts-engine and tts-voice valid attributes on the menu xml (r:12278)
+	libdingaling: hijack gcrypt init call to fix threadsafe race in dingaling and fix buffer overrun in iksemel (r:12575)
+	libdingaling: add ldl_handle_running (r:13085)
+	libdingaling: add a function to check for connected and authorized (r:13100)
+	libdingaling: fix auto-restart on disconnect (r:13134)
+	libesl: add api, bgapi methods (r:12179)
+	libesl: add ruby example (r:12180)
+	libesl: add python example (r:12184)
+	libesl: fix missing Event-Name param (MODEVENT-39/r:12311)
+	libesl: example of using esl to get events for ASR (r:12344)
+	libesl: improved filter handling (r:12488-12489)
+	libesl: fix ESL segfault when bgapi is called twice and BACKGROUD_JOB events are subscribed (ESL-5/r:12525)
+	libesl: fix illegal free when invalid bgapi originate args (ESL-8/r:12623)
+	libesl: add disconnect method; add ivrd (r:12724)
+	libesl: add command line args to single_command.py example (ESL-9/r:12729)
+	libesl: check in ESL::IVR perl mod (r:12760)
+	libesl: fix ruby linking on debian (ESL-7/r:12805)
+	libesl: fix esl coredumps in esl_event_serialize when using sendEvent from PHP (ESL-11/r:12884)
+	libesl: add event name when sending (r:12889)
+	libesl: add ESL::IVR::setVar from intralanman (r:12917)
+	libesl: fix ESL/IVR to include the regex (r:12921)
+	libesl: fix ctrl-D in fs_cli not to exit unless cmd line is empty (ESL-13/r:12952)
+	libesl: fix undef check (r:13012)
+	libesl: kill zombies (r:13013)
+	libesl: don't double encode events when sending them  (r:13078)
+	libesl: adding sendevent example for esl perl (r:13079)
+	libiksemel: let return 0 be a failure on read in iks to avoid cpu race (r:13123,13124,13133)
+	libsndfile: add executable permissions to libs/libsndfile/src/create_symbols_file.py (FSBUILD-134/r:12535)
+	libsofiasip: Fix compile time out-of-bounds error in su_uniqueid.c (SFSIP-136/r:12914)
+	libsofiasip: make info work out of dialog (r:13087)
+	libspandsp: update to snapshot spandsp-20090421 (r:13086)
+	libspeex: Add visibility support for suncc on solaris (r:13117,13118)
+	libteletone: update api visibility macros for windows
+	libtiff: add libtiff, v3.8.2
+	libxmlrpc: add select to read socket in abyss so we can timeout (r:13107)
+	mod_cidlookup: add new module, mod_cidlookup (r:12990)
+	mod_cidlookup: switch to using CURL instead of mod_http (r:12992)
+	mod_cidlookup: add config file (r:12994)
+	mod_cidlookup: set initial value for status (r:13029)
+	mod_clue_choo: add new module, mod_clue_choo (r:13068,13069,13070)
+	mod_commands: Add show api [name] and show application [name] (r:12296)
+	mod_commands: fix header_string "key" from being set twice from SWITCH_STANDARD_API(user_data_function) (MODAPP-242/r:12786)
+	mod_commands: add show modules functionality (MODAPP-227/r:12806)
+	mod_commands: add echo api command (echo back exact input) and add expand api command (executes another api command with variable expansion) (r:13101,13102)
+	mod_commands: add "stun" fsapi command (r:13137)
+	mod_conference: fix read terminating on single digit when called from a meta-app inside a conference (MODAPP-226/r:12466)
+	mod_conference: recording members should be invisible to commands (MODAPP-233/r:12582)
+	mod_conference: add lock caller_control (r:12787)
+	mod_conference: only first call to a conf requires a profile; fix bgdial (MODAPP-245/r:12809)
+	mod_conference: add conference_enforce_security variable to bypass or require pin or locked flag (r:12863)
+	mod_conference: clean up pin prommpting and make local override stay local (r:12864)
+	mod_conference: keep new conference locked the whole time during transfer (r:12988)
+	mod_conference: allow setting the moh_sound from a variable (r:13042)
+	mod_conference: set perpetual_sound from channel var (r:13048)
+	mod_conference: increase sanity timer for conference auto-record to 120 seconds (r:13104)
+	mod_conference: serialize (r:13116)
+	mod_console: Fix mod_console (missing FD_ZERO before FD_SET) (r:13126)
+	mod_dahdi_codec: delay init of resources until the first time they are actually used to avoid unnecessary waste of resources in hardware codec (r:12962)
+	mod_dingaling: fix crash when unloading/reload mod_dingaling (LBDING-13/r:12612)
+	mod_dingaling: fix no sound if phone picked up after 5th dingaling on Gtalk client (MODENDP-198/r:12641)
+	mod_dingaling: fix core dump when calling Gtalk enabled FS using leg_timeout (MODENDP-199/r:12641)
+	mod_dingaling: dl_login command line Usage and parameter doesn't match (MODENDP-202/r:12680)
+	mod_dingaling: fix unload mod_dingaling core dump (MODENDP-204/r:12680)
+	mod_dptools: prevent system crash when "user" in originate dialstring (FSCORE-313/r:12395)
+	mod_dptools: added sched_heartbeat and enable_heartbeat dialplan apps (r:12491)
+	mod_dptools: fix b & c legs not bridging when attended transfer used (FSCORE-334/r:12649)
+	mod_dptools: Custom events fired from event application bypass filtering mechanism (MODAPP-249/r:12894)
+	mod_dptools: change inline limit from 4 to 128 apps (MODAPP-253/r:12957)
+	mod_enum: fix enum_auto_route (MODAPP220/r:12243)
+	mod_erlang_event: Bind to instead of by default; like most erlang nodes do. (r:12249)
+	mod_erlang_event: Reply appropriately to net_adm:ping() (r:13066)
+	mod_erlang_event: snprintf needs a format string too, and write has the warn_unused_result attribute set, so store the return value somewhere (r:13090)
+	mod_event_socket: disallow unloading mod_event_socket from event socket (r:12326,12334)
+	mod_event_socket: fix api_exec crash on OSX (MODEVENT-40,r:12349)
+	mod_event_socket: move connect command to always work on outbound socket not just the first time (r:12723)
+	mod_fifo: consumer callback waiting an option in fifo.conf.xml (r:12685)
+	mod_fifo: add fire events on bridge in fifo (r:12791)
+	mod_fifo: fix fifo re-parse crash (FSCORE-343/r:12855)
+	mod_fifo: fix uuid_transfer into mod_conference audio issue (MODAPP-259/r:13030)
+	mod_fifo: add  fifo_orbit_dialplan and fifo_orbit_context vars (MODAPP-189/r:13038)
+	mod_fifo: don't do wrapup when agent is in nowait mode or call has ended (r:13094)
+	mod_flite: three new voices - rms, awb (male), slt (female) (r:12166)
+	mod_iax: make mod_iax async (r:13021)
+	mod_iax: autoflush these channels that use queues (r:13057)
+	mod_lcr: allow channel vars in custom_sql (r:12198)
+	mod_limit: Add events and a shutdown function (r:12497)
+	mod_limit: close odbc handle (r:12632)
+	mod_limit: Add more error checking to hash api/app (r:13007)
+	mod_limit: prevent multiple bindings of the same event_hooks to make code simpler in mod_limit (MODAPP-264/r:13113)
+	mod_lua: windows build changes to support externally built modules. (MODLANG-101/r:12237)
+	mod_lua: fix visibility support (FSCORE-302/r:12239-12240)
+	mod_lua: fix windows build (FSBUILD-149/r:12919)
+	mod_loopback: mod_lopback: other_loopback _leg_uuid variables are sometimes unset while executing the dialplan (MODENDP-210/r:12905)
+	mod_loopback: destroy codec (r:12936)
+	mod_loopback: fix loopback channels that stay alive (FSCORE-349/r:12944,12953)
+	mod_loopback: flush queued frames on audio sync event (r:13018)
+	mod_loopback: autoflush these channels that use queues (r:13057)
+	mod_memcache: add new module, mod_memcache; API for memcached (r:12871)
+	mod_memcache: make -ERR for API call less verbose  (r:12949)
+	mod_memcache: add hook reloadxml event (r:12950)
+	mod_memcache: unbind the reloadxml event handler on shutdown (r:12954)
+	mod_memcache: Fix C99 error, move var declaration out of the "for()" statement (no -std=c99?) (r:12959)
+	mod_memcache: cleanup xml config handling (r:13050,13051)
+	mod_nibblebill: mod_nibblebill question: DB Error while updating cash (MODAPP-229/r:12907)
+	mod_nibblebill: Updated mod_nibblebill to work properly w/ postgres fields  (r:13031)
+	mod_opal: Fixed transmission of Q.931 Calling-Party-Number, and DisplayName on H.323 Setup (r:12347)
+	mod_opal: allocate frame from session pool so it will not go out of scope (r:12811)
+	mod_opal: disable visibility support broken in newer gcc (MODENDP-190/r:12923)
+	mod_opal: add dtmf method to mod_opal (r:13002)
+	mod_opal: Applied patch to fix some race conditions on call termination (r:13014)
+	mod_opal: prevent endless loop (r:13034)
+	mod_opal: Fixed ability to send a string as user indications (DTMF) (r:13049)
+	mod_opal: try to flag CNG frames (MODOPAL-6/r:13098)
+	mod_perl: Libtool build fix for mod_perl: use LIBTOOL_LIB_EXTEN to make libtool-2.2 happy and CXXLINK since we are linking a C++ lib (r:13080)
+	mod_pocketsphinx: Revamp mod_pocketsphinx to use jsgf format (r:12224)
+	mod_portaudio: fix audio issue in portaudio (r:12669)
+	mod_python: fix core dump when using startup script (MODLANG-106/r:12648)
+	mod_python: fix python failing during loading startup modules (MODLANG-105/r:12658)
+	mod_python: fix EventConsumer::pop() can deadlock mod_python (MODLANG-109/r:12849)
+	mod_say_en: fix missing "at" in time readback, change from cardinal to ordinal numbers on dates, e.g. "January 20th" vs. "January 20" (MODAPP-263/r:13099)
+	mod_say_es: Add stub phrase_es.xml (r:13019)
+	mod_say_ru: add Russian language say module and config files (r:12966-12971)
+	mod_say_ru: change encoding on phrase_ru.xml from cp1251 to utf8 (r:12974)
+	mod_say_ru: add .wav and small fix (r:13000)
+	mod_say_ru: change char million,thousand to enum (r:13009)
+	mod_say_ru: rename currency (r:13024)
+	mod_say_ru: change dollars and cents to rubles and kopecks (r:13025)
+	mod_say_ru: add ru_ip (r:13026)
+	mod_say_ru: Update phrase_ru.xml to include v1.0.8 sound prompts (r:13044,13045)
+	mod_skel: add more example code and info (r:12459)
+	mod_skypiax: move to trunk (r:12167)
+	mod_skypiax: fix hang on invalid mod_skypiax.conf.xml (MODSKYPIAX-21/r:12320-12322,12343)
+	mod_skypiax: modified configs/startskype.sh to specify which unix user will start the Skype client instance (r:12937)
+	mod_skypiax: fixed assignment before declaration on Windows VC++ (r:12956)
+	mod_skypiax: great startup speedup in Windows (using only one Broadcast sendmessage for each interface hunting) (r:13083)
+	mod_spidermonkey: fix segfaults on dtmf callback (FSCORE-327/r:12577)
+	mod_spidermonkey: fix error loading mod_spidermonkey due to missing PR_* symbols (r:12934,12939)
+	mod_spidermonkey: add destroy method to js (r:13016)
+	mod_spidermonkey: Let session.destroy() take the cause as a string too (r:13020)
+	mod_sofia: allow you to set invite, to and from params independently (r:12287)
+	mod_sofia: allow add params to a contact that isn't a gateway (r:12289)
+	mod_sofia: add sip_route_uri var to set proxy route (r:12408)
+	mod_sofia: add sip_send_to Sofia dial param (MODEND-195/r:12409)
+	mod_sofia: add siptrace on/off to sofia command (r:12410,12412)
+	mod_sofia: add network_ip and network_port to registration ODBC table and registration event (MODENDP-194/r:12414)
+	mod_sofia: add configurable outgoing cid types (r:12427)
+	mod_sofia: send SIP INFO DTMF to the bridged leg in bypass media mode (FSCORE-263)
+	mod_sofia: add extension-in-contact param for rare cases when provider makes you say a certain contact user (r:12511)
+	mod_sofia: add contact-host param to gateways (r:12531)
+	mod_sofia: add sip_from_display var and fix backwards switch_strisr calls (r:12566)
+	mod_sofia: remove Redundant NTATAG_DEFAULT_PROXY (MODENDP-197/r:12583)
+	mod_sofia: reset rtp timer on unhold operation (r:12617)
+	mod_sofia: fix G.722 call with broken ptime triggers crash after transfer between contexts (FSCORE-337/r:12647)
+	mod_sofia: fix presence subscription not automatically refreshed due to wrong Contact in 202 (refer accepted) response. (MODENDP-201/r:12657)
+	mod_sofia: fix random segfaults (FSCORE-322/r:12676)
+	mod_sofia: fix registration issue (r:/12715)
+	mod_sofia: add username and realm to sip db (r:12785)
+	mod_sofia: fix subscriptions  being checked even though it belongs to other host (MODAPP-207/r:12792)
+	mod_sofia: reduce exponential mwi notifies (r:12801)
+	mod_sofia: don't auto-disable, just warn on RFC2833 in transcoded call (r:12815)
+	mod_sofia: add 603 for now (r:12883)
+	mod_sofia: make nat options ping configurable and leave it off by default (r:12897)
+	mod_sofia: continue_on_fail broken on SVN12881 (MODENDP-209/r:12902)
+	mod_sofia: add rtp-autofix-timing (defauts to true even when not present) set to false to disable it (FSCORE-281/r:12903,12904)
+	mod_sofia: add set r_sdp_codec_string to list of codecs offered in inbound call dsp (MODENDP-206/r:12946)
+	mod_sofia: add sip_call_info variable (SFSIP-138/r:12977)
+	mod_sofia: move rtp stats up to where they will be more useful (r:13017)
+	mod_sofia: fix FreeSWITCH/SIPX transfer issue (SFSIP-86/r:13032)
+	mod_sofia: ndlb_sendrecv_in_session var NDLB-sendrecv-in-session profile option to reverse the effects of MODENDP-148 (r:13084)
+	mod_sofia: add sip info to event_socket gateway (r:13088)
+	mod_sofia: switch_add_event_header needs a format specifier, or >=gcc-4.3 will be very unhappy (r:13089)
+	mod_sofia: add calls count and failed calls count to sofia profile sorted by direction (r:13103)
+	mod_sofia: only pass 2833 while bridged and while bridged to another channel that uses our RTP stack (r:13131)
+	mod_sofia: send-message-query-on-register profile param, set it to false to disable default of true (r:13139)
+	mod_spy: add new module, mod_spy (MODAPP-260/r:13035,13036)
+	mod_syslog: Keep the indent string in memory (LOGGER-1/r:12852)
+	mod_t38gateway: Introduction of the skeleton of a media bug implementing a T.38 gateway, so the
+	related infrastructure work can take place around it (r:13082)
+	mod_voicemail: remove endless loop on leaving message (MODAPP-233,r:12315-12316)
+	mod_voicemail: add indexes to mod_voicemail (r:12341)
+	mod_voicemail: fix audio cutoffs in voicemail_leave_main (MODAPP-225/r:12367)
+	mod_voicemail: fix profile id mismatch when changing password via menu (MODAPP-236/r:12602)
+	mod_voicemail: fix incorrect (NULL) recipient stored for VM on dynamic binding of FS directory. (MODAPP-240/r:12850)
+	mod_voicemail: fix segfault on vm_boxcount when box has "sip:" prefix (MODAPP-250/r:12915)
+	mod_voicemail: add parameter "login-keys" to allow user to customize which key is used to log in (MODAPP-251/r:12916)
+	mod_voicemail: change len to seconds (r:13127)
+	mod_voicemail: message-query-exact-match global param in settings section of voicemail to assume profile names match domain names (r:13138)
+	mod_xml_curl: fix data fetch (MODXMLINT-48/r:12586)
+	sofia-sip: su.h - define su_family via struct sockaddr (r:12260)
+	sofia-sip: sip_parser.c - fixed sip_transport_d() (r:12261)
+	spandsp: update to snapshot 20090308 (r:12514)
+	support: Add print_list gdb macro (r:12687)	
 freeswitch (1.0.3)

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