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Mon Apr 27 11:24:07 PDT 2009

Author: mcollins
Date: Mon Apr 27 13:24:07 2009
New Revision: 13170

add changelog items since 1.0.3 through r13139


Modified: freeswitch/trunk/docs/ChangeLog
--- freeswitch/trunk/docs/ChangeLog	(original)
+++ freeswitch/trunk/docs/ChangeLog	Mon Apr 27 13:24:07 2009
@@ -1,3 +1,66 @@
+freeswitch (1.0.4)
+	add: TextMate bundle for FreeSWITCH - thanks mrene (r:12559-12560)
+	all: numerous code cleanups, removal of unused variables
+	all: update numerous Doxygen comments
+	build: fix mod_flite (FSBUILD-126/r:12153)
+	build: fix getlib.sh curl/wget detection (12175)
+	build: add msvc 2005 project files (r:12197)
+	build: rename spandsp project files windows (r:12195)
+	build: fix spandsp windows build, msvc 2005 (r:12199-12202)
+	build: merge x64 build for msvc9 (r:12207)
+	build: add libtiff auto-download to msvc build (r:12212)
+	build: update to match spandsp api (FSBUILD-129/r:12214)
+	build: inital work on x64 windows build (FSBUILD-125/r:12215)
+	build: fix spandsp msvc build issues (r:12218-12220,12223)
+	build: fix msvc configuration manager for x64 targets in both 2008 sln files (r:12227)
+	build: use compiler intrinsics for windows x64 build (FSBUILD-131/r:12245)
+	build: fix version generator on windows (FSBUILD-115/FSBUILD-69/r:12247)
+	build: fix various msvc build issues (r:12272-12276)
+	build: silence nuisance sun cc warnings (r:12462)
+	build: updated windows projects for flite (FSBUILD-128/FSBUILD-133/r:12477)
+	build: download flite from right tarball location (FSBUILD-135/r:12482)
+	build: rework Windows build for pocketsphinx 5.1 (MODASRTTS-13/r:12483,12541)
+	build: fix automake 1.7 build (r:12487)
+	build: build path cleanups (FSBUILD-130/r:12490)
+	build: fix rebuild every time on msvc 2008 non team editions (FSBUILD-132/r:12492)
+	build: add skypiax to sln file and fix some warnings (r:12502)
+	build: fixed openzap.conf issue in deb package (r:12506)
+	build: fix rlim_t build on Mac (FSCORE-325/r:12533)
+	build: Solaris doesn't define RLIMIT_NPROC (FSCORE-326/r:12534)
+	build: removal of file reference for flite (FSBUILD-139/r:12540)
+	build: integrate mod_erlang_event into the buildsystem (FSBUILD-142/r:12587)
+	build: Fix FreeBSD build (r:12678)
+	build: fix libsoundtouch build dependencies after a configure failure (MODAPP-243/r:12783)
+	build: fix odbc detection to not try to use odbc when no headers are installed (r:12788)
+	build: add build of fs_ivrd (r:12843)
+	build: sphinx downloads for windows (FSBUILD-146/r:12853)
+	build: Build fails at bootstrap with libtool 2.2.6a (FSBUILD-82/r:12899)
+	build: add python build dependency to debian package build (FSBUILD-145/r:12920)
+	build: add libtool major version detection to configure in prep for supporting both libtool 2.x and 1.5.x at the same time (r:12922,12926-27)
+	build: fix older gcc build (FSBUILD-150/r:12924)
+	build: Add a fallback check in case libtool is not yet available in the builddir (get the version from build/config/ltmain.sh instead). print an error message and exit configure if that fails too (r:12933)
+	build: Add mod_memcache (commented) to modules.conf.in (r:12955)
+	build: make libtool version detection more robust (r:12979)
+	build: we need DYNAMIC_LIB_EXTEN for mod_perl and others (r:13023)
+	build: add mod_say_ru to modules.conf.in (r:13037)
+	build: bump sounds version (r:13040)
+	build: use different version file for moh version (r:13093)
+	build: de-couple version numbers and builds of sound files and moh files (FSBUILD-153/r:13096)
+	build: use sound_version.txt and moh_version.txt to determine sound file version on windows (FSBUILD-152/r:13097)
+	config: default config, calling own extension no longer goes to voicemail (r:12596)
+	config: default config, 1000-1019 uses $${default_password} instead of hard-coded 1234 (FSCONFIG-5/r:12838)
+	config: tweak the configs to bind siptrace on and off to F10 and F11 (r:12938)
+	config: Update sample IVR to include ClueCon reg option :) (r:13043)
+	config: Add ext 9991 as ClueCon ext; use transfer instead of bridge on demo ivr opt #4 (r:13046)
+	core: fix suncc visibility support in libteletone (r:12154-12157)
+	core: fix crash on FS shutdown with "..." (FSCORE-297/r:12173,12361,12402)
+	core: add separate mutex for state related methods (r:12191)
+	core: move media bug removal to hangup state (r:12225)
+	core: create indexes for ODBC (r:12235)
+	core: add direction col to sql db, add direction param to session_c
 freeswitch (1.0.3)
 	build: add targets cd-sounds[-install] and cd-moh[-install] for 48k sounds (r:11151)

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