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Mon Apr 27 11:38:54 PDT 2009

Author: mcollins
Date: Mon Apr 27 13:38:54 2009
New Revision: 13172

update changelog through april 26, 2009 (r13159)


Modified: freeswitch/trunk/docs/ChangeLog
--- freeswitch/trunk/docs/ChangeLog	(original)
+++ freeswitch/trunk/docs/ChangeLog	Mon Apr 27 13:38:54 2009
@@ -48,11 +48,13 @@
 	build: use different version file for moh version (r:13093)
 	build: de-couple version numbers and builds of sound files and moh files (FSBUILD-153/r:13096)
 	build: use sound_version.txt and moh_version.txt to determine sound file version on windows (FSBUILD-152/r:13097)
+	build: use in tree libtiff for msvc build and fix some header generation checks (r:13150)
 	config: default config, calling own extension no longer goes to voicemail (r:12596)
 	config: default config, 1000-1019 uses $${default_password} instead of hard-coded 1234 (FSCONFIG-5/r:12838)
 	config: tweak the configs to bind siptrace on and off to F10 and F11 (r:12938)
 	config: Update sample IVR to include ClueCon reg option :) (r:13043)
 	config: Add ext 9991 as ClueCon ext; use transfer instead of bridge on demo ivr opt #4 (r:13046)
+	config: remove invalid options from profiles (r:13153)
 	core: fix suncc visibility support in libteletone (r:12154-12157)
 	core: fix crash on FS shutdown with "..." (FSCORE-297/r:12173,12361,12402)
 	core: add separate mutex for state related methods (r:12191)
@@ -125,6 +127,7 @@
 	core: make state_handler macros not let you install the same one more than once (r:13111)
 	core: Do not use struct fd_set uninitialized (always FD_ZERO() them, before using FD_SET() on a new one, or reusing them after select()). Fixes a segfault on solaris (r:13125)
 	core: Fix missing UNPROTECT_INTERFACE in case pre_answer fails (r:13130)
+	core: add record_waste_resources channel variable to send blank audio during recording (r:13144)
 	docs: Fix filename references in phrase_en.xml (r:12976)
 	docs: Update phrase_en.xml to include v1.0.8 sound prompts (r:13041)
 	docs: Updates to phrase_es.xml (r:13067)
@@ -176,6 +179,7 @@
 	mod_commands: add show modules functionality (MODAPP-227/r:12806)
 	mod_commands: add echo api command (echo back exact input) and add expand api command (executes another api command with variable expansion) (r:13101,13102)
 	mod_commands: add "stun" fsapi command (r:13137)
+	mod_commands: mod_commands: if no bind ip specified for stun fsapi command, use the guess ip (r:13140)
 	mod_conference: fix read terminating on single digit when called from a meta-app inside a conference (MODAPP-226/r:12466)
 	mod_conference: recording members should be invisible to commands (MODAPP-233/r:12582)
 	mod_conference: add lock caller_control (r:12787)
@@ -228,6 +232,9 @@
 	mod_loopback: fix loopback channels that stay alive (FSCORE-349/r:12944,12953)
 	mod_loopback: flush queued frames on audio sync event (r:13018)
 	mod_loopback: autoflush these channels that use queues (r:13057)
+	mod_loopback: pass flush indications across to the b leg (r:13146)
+	mod_loopback: make mod_loopback render silence to prevent livelock (r:13147)
+	mod_loopback: drop excess frames on loopback channel (r:13156,13157,13158)
 	mod_memcache: add new module, mod_memcache; API for memcached (r:12871)
 	mod_memcache: make -ERR for API call less verbose  (r:12949)
 	mod_memcache: add hook reloadxml event (r:12950)
@@ -305,6 +312,7 @@
 	mod_sofia: add calls count and failed calls count to sofia profile sorted by direction (r:13103)
 	mod_sofia: only pass 2833 while bridged and while bridged to another channel that uses our RTP stack (r:13131)
 	mod_sofia: send-message-query-on-register profile param, set it to false to disable default of true (r:13139)
+	mod_sofia: fix segfault in sofia xmlstatus profile command (MODENDP-214/r:13141)
 	mod_spy: add new module, mod_spy (MODAPP-260/r:13035,13036)
 	mod_syslog: Keep the indent string in memory (LOGGER-1/r:12852)
 	mod_t38gateway: Introduction of the skeleton of a media bug implementing a T.38 gateway, so the
@@ -318,6 +326,7 @@
 	mod_voicemail: add parameter "login-keys" to allow user to customize which key is used to log in (MODAPP-251/r:12916)
 	mod_voicemail: change len to seconds (r:13127)
 	mod_voicemail: message-query-exact-match global param in settings section of voicemail to assume profile names match domain names (r:13138)
+	mod_voicemail: allow unload and reload of mod_voicemail (MODAPP-177/r:13145)
 	mod_xml_curl: fix data fetch (MODXMLINT-48/r:12586)
 	sofia-sip: su.h - define su_family via struct sockaddr (r:12260)
 	sofia-sip: sip_parser.c - fixed sip_transport_d() (r:12261)

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